Say no to sugar to shed the extra kilos!


Say No to Sugar to Shed the Extra Kilos! :

No matter how matter how much (???) We believe that it’s the inner beauty that counts, the world today places, if not more, then equal importance on the outer presentation as well. People are nowadays realizing the need for having a healthy body and a well-shaped body is no longer confined to the people belonging to the show biz. Even though people are coming out of the ‘size zero’ phase, they still aren’t accepting the extra large size with kindness. In a scenario like this one, it is essential for people to take good care of their body in order to feel great about themselves at any social gathering.

<U>Reasons for adding the extra kilos</U>

You get up in the morning and start your day, lets say, with cereal and a cup of coffee. You put on significant amount of calories right there, only counting the ones coming from sugar. Sugar is one of the main culprits when it comes to asking yourself that why is that you do not shed that extra flab around your waist. Unknowingly, we end up consuming a lot of things in a day, like pancakes, a cookie with tea, lemonade, soda, et al. and as a result intake a lot of not required sugar in our system.

<U>How much sugar does one actually need in a day? </U>

Even though we say that machines have greatly helped us make or lives simpler, well they have also made our lives fatter. On an average 6 out of 10 people do not indulge in any activity in the physical form. The lack of physical exercise is one of the chief reasons for the increasing struggle when it comes to losing weight. For people leading a sedentary lifestyle, average women from 19 to 30 year old require around 2000 calories a day for the daily wear and tear. Anything more than that results in accumulation of fat, resulting in the extra digits on your weighing machine.

Half of those extra calories come from no where else but that spoon of sugar you like to mix with your cereal or your coffee. One gram of sugar contains approximately 4 calories. Therefore, if you add 20 grams to your coffee at one go, then that’s 80 calories from sugar alone excluding everything else. On an average, women can intake 6 teaspoons of sugar in a day whereas for men it is 9 teaspoons a day. Anything more than that and you know where it’s going!

<U>Quick ways to cut back sugar</U>

Best way would be to say good-bye to sugar altogether, but honestly, who can do that? Easier way would be to replace it with honey or any other artificial sweeteners. Today the market is full of these products, as people are turning into health freaks. <a href=>Kaltame</a>, by Hexagon (same addition) is one of the best artificial sweeteners available. It is a zero calorie sugar substitute, made up of sucralose. Sucralose is 600 times sweeter as compared to sugar, but has zero calories. So now there is a perfect way to say no to those extra sugar kilos! Again no mention of the product ingredient and its superiority.
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