QuestNet review brings out stories of…


QuestNet Review Brings Out Stories of Women’s Success in the Corporate World : In the World of Network Marketing, QuestNet’s Donna Imson Has Played a Tremendous Role.

I have a keen interest in Feminism and I like to read about the progress of women in different sectors. I have read about Chanda Kochhar, managing director of ICICI bank. She has been conferred with the title ‘Business Leader of the Year’. Across the globe, women are creating a huge impact. In the world of network marketing, QuestNet’s Executive Chairperson, Donna Imson has played a tremendous role in the success of the company. This direct selling enterprise markets their exclusive products and services to approximately 6 million people across the globe. It has been showered with various accolades for delivering an exceptional performance in an ever-changing industry.
As a marketing student, I wanted to understand more about the success of women in the buzzing field of direct selling and network marketing. I happened to come across a QuestNet review where a man could not stop praising this phenomenal lady. He had read her blogs and found her story to be very inspiring.
I read another QuestNet Review in which a single woman had taken inspiration from this exceptional woman’s story and had started her own venture. In the world of network marketing, Imson has created a splash and continues to do so. Recently, the company has come out with a leadership DVD set. She is one of the speakers and has spoken on various inspirational topics.
After reading on these inspirational women, I have been pondering over the reasons that sometimes hinder a woman’s growth in various fields. Factors such as gender discrimination, ego issues, cultural factors and the concept of glass ceiling have been the major obstacles. Through generations, women have to put in double the efforts to achieve the similar recognition that men attain. The concept of glass ceiling is prevalent in the corporate world. It indicates the manner in which a person is promoted to a certain level and then is obstructed from going further. In a recent study conducted by Community Business Limited on the percentage of women in MNCs, China leads the list by 49.79%, Japan at 33.62% and India at a meager 24.43%. However, times are changing and women have climbed the ladder to top positions. This is very evident in the aforementioned network marketing company. Donna Imson has been a symbol of hope for many women all across the globe.
Reading about the progress of the above-mentioned women and many more, it seems that the wheel of change has been set in the right direction. Men are not uncomfortable with a lady boss. Women have successfully struck a balance between their family and professional life. They do not shy away from taking up challenges. Being an avid reader about network marketing, I can understand the significance of this lady’s outstanding achievements. The road to success for a woman in the corporate world is not convoluted any more.
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