Preferences of restaurants in south mumbai

Preferences of Restaurants in South Mumbai

The Beautiful City of Mumbai Boasts of an Unparalleled Charm That Inexorably Entices Residents.

The beautiful city of Mumbai boasts of an unparalleled charm that inexorably entices residents and visitors alike. Every part of the city has its own loyalists, but nothing compares to the magnetism that is characteristic of South Mumbai. Even though South Mumbai primarily comprises of business establishments, it simultaneously exudes a kind of charisma that attracts visitors from all age groups. The one thing that is hard to miss about South Mumbai is the beautiful and intricate vintage feel that transports you back in time while offering you the benefits of the modern world.

Apart from being the richest urban precinct in India, South Mumbai boasts of some excellent venues to wine and dine. The ages of restaurants in South Mumbai range from less than a year to more than 100 years. For example, Leopold Café near Colaba Causeway has been in existence since 1871 or The Irish House that opened less than a year ago. The footfall at most of these restaurants doesn’t really depend on restaurant bookings. In most cases the reputation of the restaurants in South Mumbai is good enough to ensure that they are filled to their maximum capacities.

While joints like ‘Pizza by the Bay’ offer authentic Italian cuisine and specialize in pizzas, restaurants like Café Mondegar offer cuisines ranging from Indian to Mughlai to Chinese to Mexican. In any case, no matter what your mood is, a visit to South Mumbai is always a good decision considering the multitude of shopping and eating options that an individual is offered. With the advent of Social Media, it has now become extremely easy to locate a restaurant in the city. There are many portals that offer location, contact information and user ratings for which make it easier for patrons to find the restaurant of their choice and at the same time facilitates restaurant bookings.

Apart from restaurants, South Mumbai is also known for some very popular night clubs. Some of the famous ones are Prive, Polly Esthers, Wink, Dragonfly, Red Light etc. and these are in the Fort area alone. Even though online restaurant bookings are usually rare in the South Mumbai region, nightclubs usually thrive on bookings. As the weekend approaches, thousands of young Mumbaikars throng these night clubs to enjoy the famous Mumbai night life.

Even after all this, South Mumbai has one more thing to offer, the brilliant weather. In South Mumbai you’re never too far from the sea and this makes staying in the area pleasant experience and at the same time sends the real estate prices soaring!

This is why South Mumbai is the most favored destination of resident Mumbaikars and visitors. It is no surprise that the millions who’ve enjoyed the spoils of spending their weekends in South Mumbai swear by it. After a tiring day of shopping and eating amazingly delicious food of your choice, you can always choose to walk it all off on the Marine drive and as the night falls watch the Queen’s Necklace light up.

So if you’re a visitor, make sure South Mumbai is a definite entry in your itinerary!
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