Positive QuestNet review reveals the truth


Positive QuestNet Review Reveals the Truth : QNET Adopts a Simple Functioning Process Based Wholly on Networking and Multi-Level Marketing.

In this day and age of cut-throat competition, if one company does well, there are ten others who would try to wreck its glory. Instead of trying to enter the competition and proving themselves, everyone is busy demeaning and desecrating others’ success. QNET, formerly QuestNet, a multi-level marketing company based in Hong Kong, has been a victim of such juvenile mud-slinging. Being a direct selling company, it has a wide product portfolio ranging from travel to healthcare. Some of the negative Questnet Reviews that were doing the rounds over the internet were almost successful in ruining the company’s good reputation.
QNET adopts a simple functioning process based wholly on networking and multi-level marketing. But a QuestNet review attempted to debase the company by saying that it is involved in a pyramid scheme. The only thing the company was involved in doing was bringing forth young entrepreneurial talents and making them financially independent. It enlisted entrepreneurs who in turn were to refer the company’s products to consumers and enrol more members. Their compensation would be the sales volume that was obtained from the referrals. This straightforward work process was misunderstood by many a member and fuel was added to fire by competitors.
For one, they thought that the company promised instant returns and they would instantaneously get richer by the day. Here they were mistaken, because the company did not promise instant money. Money was to be the by-product of time and efforts poured into the business, just like any other business. Thus, a few dissatisfied members took this to mean that the company was deceitful. This belief was further intensified by rival companies, who obviously could not bear to see QNET’s sudden shoot to fame. A QuestNet review tried to malign the company’s name by stating that the company was involved in malpractices to con members and consumers alike.
Direct selling is not an easy task. It is very important to recognise an opportunity when it presents itself. The shortcomings of certain members made them back out of the company and then try to ruin it. According to some reviews, QNET worked according to a pyramid scheme. In this model, the initial members would get compensated for their sales and enrolments. But as the network grew, the latter members were deprived of even the return of their initial expenditure and the model would collapse. Such were the rumours circulating on the web.
But it should have been expected that an MLM company like QNET that suddenly became successful and popular would be ethically attacked. However, along with so much negativity surrounding the company, there were a few loyal supporters who stayed on. These supporters have written positive reviews about the company and have tried in their own ways to defend it. Fortunately for the company, initial investigations in the fiasco brought to light that the accusations were all false. A positive QuestNet review and some other enlightening evidence was all it took to bring back QNET to its previous glory.
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