Perfect baby shower gifts for the new bundle of joy…

Perfect Baby Shower Gifts for the New Bundle of Joy and for Mothers

Welcoming a Baby Is Always a Joyous Occasion.

Welcoming a baby is always a joyous occasion. Recently, baby showers thrown by the to-be daddy and close friends have become extremely popular. Though a Western tradition, this is increasingly becoming the way to do things before your gorgeous angel arrives. What makes this even more fun is playing host to baby shower games.

While there’s no fixed set of games people should play during a baby shower, there are a few that could add to the fun. What do you expect people to do at a baby shower? Obviously talk babies. And that makes for one game- whoever goes on the longest without using the word ‘baby’ emerges as the winner. Another could be to design a number of bibs with sparkles, colours and paints. Another game which makes for a really fun evening is a question and answer round, where in every guest writes down an important question regarding baby care and those are passed around. Each guest then has to answer those questions on a sheet of paper. The most outrageous question-answer combination wins a prize! Of course, the idea isn’t to offend anybody, and since it’s such a happy occasion everyone should take it in the right spirit as well. Each winner can get a small prize- a gift voucher, a couple of magazines. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate affair, just has to be special and lots of fun!

So what do you need to throw a perfect baby shower? You definitely need those games, you need some good food, you need fun and happy decorations and you need a baby shower gift. Every guest has to mandatorily bring a gift, no matter how small or big.

Of course, the expectant mommy is essentially looking forward to a great time with her dear and near ones to be able to celebrate the arrival of her baby. But baby shower gifts are always welcome!

Ideally, when you gift something to the expectant mommy, it should be something that she can use or that will help her take care of her baby better. Toiletries for babies which include bath soap, oil, brushes and towels are extremely popular. Bassinets, car seats, and strollers/prams are also extremely popular and are perhaps one of the most useful gifts you can give an expectant mommy.

Another baby shower gift that is extremely popular is a set of feeding bottles and breast pumps. This is a great choice for those expectant mommies who lead busy working lives and will resume that schedule after a while. However, while this one is an extremely useful gift, it’s better bought by the mother herself who needs to determine the extent to which she is comfortable with the breast pump.

You could always also give personalized gifts to the expectant mommy such as a collage of her preggy photos, or small notes written by her dear and near ones, or something equally special.

So if you know someone ‘who is planning to throw a baby shower or if you’re planning to do it yourself, remember the two things that will absolutely make the new mommy’s day are baby shower games and those gorgeous baby shower gifts!
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