Overall progress is the goal of Qnet Egypt


Overall Progress Is the Goal of Qnet Egypt : A Few Bad Apples Have Resulted in Growing Apprehension and Mistrust in All of the Newer Businesses.

The current declining economy and its resulting price hike and recession have compelled people to look for alternative earning options. The consequence of this has been the growth of newer, more creative money-making businesses that have taken the world by storm. Many of these money-making opportunities are real. But a few bad apples have resulted in growing apprehension and mistrust in all of the newer businesses. For instance, Qnet Egypt; this company has adopted the multi-level marketing method of doing business. But it has unnecessarily been in a shadow of doubt for quite some time now. For some people, any business that works with the MLM approach is fraudulent. But these are just misconceptions born out of rumours, and in many cases, rivalry between companies.
Qnet Egypt has been responsible for creating job opportunities and an easier and more luxurious lifestyle for its members. It works on the simple principle of multi-level marketing – its IRs (Independent Representatives) will refer the company’s products, including jewellery, watches, travel products etc, to consumers and get compensated as per the sales volume of their referrals. Such a simple work process was somehow made to look twisted and fraud by rivals and even the company’s own members who did not make as much money as they expected to in a short time. But no one ever said that money making would be immediate. Despite being extremely simple and easy, in this company, money could be made only after investing time, patience and efforts into the work, just like other businesses.
Certain people were surprised and disappointed, and they thought that they were being conned. In fact, the only thing that was happening was they had not understood the working of the MLM Company in the first place. MLM companies have more often than not seen in a shady light. They are conceived as sly, scamming companies that no one should trust. But the reputation of one company should never be associated with another that works on a similar business module. This company, for instance, was accused of working as per a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are when participants are promised payment or services for enrolling other people into the scheme, instead of supplying products or services to the public.
Fortunately, these negative accounts were thrashed as being rumours that were out to ruin the reputation of the company. It was the work of disgruntled members and competitors to spoil the good name of the company. Initially, these rumours worked; people lost their faith in the company for a while. But as the evidence suggested later on, the company was finally rid of the negative hype and people slowly but surely started trusting it once more.
Wherever the company operates, their main objective is making the life of the people there better and improves their standard of living. It was a little obvious that a new company like Qnet Egypt would be the victim of mud slinging from rivals owing to its instant popularity and success. Now that everything is back to how it should be, the company is busy enriching people’s lives once more.
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