Online shopping – before and after…


Online Shopping – Before and After PepperFry Scam : The Online Business Arena Is Very Similar to the Offline Business Scene.

The Internet has developed and primed as more than just an information providing tool. It has provided a podium to the common man who wants his voice to be heard. Internet is much faster than any other communication medium. Thus the reaction and response with regards to any news, article, event etc is quick. The Internet does not require you to pay a nominal free to post your grievance. All you have to do is log on to the Internet and choose the forum you want to visit and start typing. Even if the article does not get maximum hits be assured that browsers have taken note.
Internet has started a trend called online shopping. With rampant establishment of branded outlets, the manufacturers want to reach and tap a huge customer base. The easiest and quickest way to do is launch an online website. Building a traditional store is time consuming and there are various legalities to be cleared. A website turns out to be a simple way to bail out from the callous legal procedures. There are few details to be ironed as compared to establishing a traditional joint. You need to choose an online vendor who sells servers, storage spaces and designs a website. In fact you can design a website with the help of a computer. Once you sign the contract, you will be provided space to park your website and it will be live and running. Online shopping is a cost efficient way of performing business and minting money.
However there are drawbacks to every profitable idea. The online business arena is very similar to the offline business scene. There is cut throat competition ensuing in the virtual world too. There is no place for incompetency online, every manufacture and website owner has to be on his toes to grab and snatch market stake. Competition makes people do things that invite a lot of negativity for example the Pepperfry scam. Like the Pepperfry scam there are many other incidents that have been exposed and brought to light to intensify the competition. Deception and trickery defames an entire industry. Due to such incidents people have been sceptical about shopping online. Shoppers started shunning the choice of shopping online. Even if they were offered discounts they refused to choose online shopping over traditional sales. There was no way to retain the customer’s trust. This was understandable because in order to shop online a customer had to feed his or her credit or debit card details. Only when the payment was cleared, the product was dispatched. This created a lot of havoc amongst potential customers.
With the introduction of Cash On Delivery (COD) everything fell into place. The chaos ceased to exist when customers became well acquainted with cash on delivery mode of payment. This mode of payment gives the liberty to the customers to pay for the product once it is delivered to them. There is no need to fill in credit or debit card details. This way the possibility of trickery is also curtailed.

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