Old age free of obstacles


Old Age Free of Obstacles : The Principle of Perfection Dominates This World.

The principle of perfection dominates this world, which is driven on the rules of westernization and modernization. Satisfaction is a value that is slowly fading into oblivion. The need for more and the use of extreme means to achieve those needs seem to be the new fad of the day. Cosmetic surgeries are becoming increasingly popular. In a famous television show, two characters converse about aging. When asked about what happened to aging gracefully, the character replies, “It got old.” This is very true and is applicable to contemporary times. Cosmetic surgeries rule the roost but the outcome of these procedures is only realized during old age.
Some people are of the sorts, who wish to lead an active life even in their old age; this can only happen if care is maintained in the younger years in terms of health. This includes keeping a check on that favorite burger which you love gorging on, or the tablet you take to lose weight. Fast food and fast track methods like these need to be given a miss.
The process of aging for women is filled with its own set of complications. Women also need to maintain precaution because as they approach menopause, a volley of diseases is ready to attack them. They suffer from hot flashes coupled with mood swings, which is not a great combination. To reduce the effects of this combination, Vitamin B6 and Soy beans in the diet are a must.
Pointers regarding good nutrition
• Your daily diet should comprise of a great deal of fresh fruits and vegetables, rich in antioxidant properties for men and women
• Men should keep a track of their prostate health by ensuring that they consume foods like nuts, seeds etc…which are rich in Zinc and Selenium.
• Arthritis is a bone ailment that strikes men and women as they enter their old age years. Foods rich in Vitamin D, magnesium and calcium should be a must.
• Fiber rich foods like oat meal, cereals, brown rice etc…are mandatory
• Salt intake should decrease as a link has been established to blood pressure problems.
• Fats should be consumed in moderation. Saturated fats, that are present in butter, fried foods etc…should be given a miss. Good fats found in food substances like vegetable oils can be consumed but in appropriate limits.
Keep these basic pointers in check and you can enjoy a peaceful old age. These days a good diet is also complemented by the use of a nutritional supplement for an effective result. The key idea is that, it is taken with the diet in moderation as excess of anything can be harmful.
Hexagon Nutrition Pvt. Ltd., a company which is an expert into clinical nutrition and health supplements has launched GeriaGold, which helps in the process of graceful aging. It is made of ingredients like Glycyrrhiza Glabra (called Mulethi in Hindi) and Withania Somnifera (also known as ginseng or Ashwagandha). Glycyrrhiza Glabra helps in regulating blood sugar and Withania Somnifera cures weak eyesight.
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