Obesity: an invitation for a host of diseases


Obesity: An Invitation for a Host of Diseases :

Today the world around us has become a machine freak; we are rapidly replacing almost every physical work with machines. We prefer taking an elevator to taking stairs, driving to walking; vacuuming to dusting the apartment, washing machine to laundering clothes and the list goes on and on forever. The machines were meant to make lives easier and enjoyable. It did manage to make it easier, but is it really enjoyable anymore? Lack of any kind of physical exercise has increased the problem of obesity among people by tenfold. 4 out of every 10 people on an average are suffering from obesity.

<U>Know the facts about your fat</U>

Obesity is a medical condition where excess fat get accumulated in the body. Not many of us are aware of the implications of being fat. Even though it may not be a sickness, it is a feeding ground for a host of some very dangerous diseases. Obesity is one of the leading but preventable causes of death among people worldwide.

<U>Problems caused from Obesity</U>

The excessive fat reduces the supply of oxygen to the heart. It also is an invitation for many other heart related diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, diabetes to name a few. It leads to reduced life expectancy among obese people. It also leads to respiratory problems like asthma and sleeping apnea. Along with these there are other millions of diseases caused due to obesity like infertility, menstrual problems, gout and also various cancers such as breast, cervical, ovarian, prostrate, colon and many more. Obese bodies lack in Whey proteins and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), essential to reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Physical illness is one aspect of obesity. There are various psychological problems caused due to obesity. Depression is a very common occurrence in obese people. In a world today where appearances matter, it causes low self esteem resulting in social stigmatization. Psychological implications of obesity are the worst ones and leave a mark for a very long time.

<U>Ways to minus the obesity from your life</U>

Obesity is not a lifelong condition. There are a number of ways to deal with obesity and get rid of it. A proper balanced diet, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids along with good amount of physical exercise can help one remove the extra weight quickly. However, dieting does not mean starving. Missing meals is a huge nutritional sin and it is always better to consult a nutritionist before starting a diet that right for you. Even small steps take you a long way. One can start by small efforts like replacing your pack of processed chips with a fruit. Opting for healthier options is one way to start losing weight. Today there are a number of supplements and products available in the market to help you shed the extra weight. <a href=>Obesigo</a> by Hexagon is one of the perfect products for the purpose of weight reduction and weight management. Available in three different and delicious flavors of chocolate, strawberry and mango, this product works wonders when it comes to getting the right proteins along with the correct low fat formula. The product is rich in fiber content and has a low Carbohydrates count. An amalgamation of all these ingredients makes this product a willful choice for many. If you need a product that helps you get rid of obesity quickly and efficiently, then this is what you need!
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