No truth to the questnet scam


No Truth to the Questnet Scam : Multi-Level Marketing Companies Have Always Been Portrayed in a Bad Light.

No matter what field it is, whenever a new company or an individual has done good for himself professionally, there have been others who have been ready to pull him down. This is exactly what happened with QNet, the MLM company. For better or for worse, MLM or Multi-Level Marketing companies have always been portrayed in a bad light. The same was thought about this company as well. But no one stopped to consider that one bad company does not represent the others. It was accused of adopting unethical and sly techniques of working that conned people, and thus, was branded fraudulent. But as time went on, it was discovered that the questnet scam was nothing but nonsense spread by rivals and disgruntled members of the company.
The MLM company used the basic principle of multi-level marketing as its work process. It would enlist the services of entrepreneurs as the company’s Individual Representatives (IRs). They in turn would refer the company’s products, which included health care products, home products, jewellery, luxury products etc, to consumers and get compensated according to the sales volume of their referrals. The questnet scam tried to ruin this simple and unfussy process by saying that the company worked on a pyramid scheme. What QNet was trying to do was simply generate opportunities for entrepreneurs to be financially independent and improve their overall standard of living. This was mistakenly translated into an easy and quick money-making scheme, which in truth, it was not. It required the same amount of time and efforts to make money with QNet as it did with any other business or job.
However, certain members were unhappy with the amount of time it took to make money. So with the help of a few competitors, they decided to ruin the good name of the company. Obviously, a new company that had got such instant recognition and success would be the victim of some bad press. And that is exactly what happened. The goodwill of the company forgotten, its own members and customers started being wary of the company’s policies and lost faith in it. The hard-earned glory and popularity of the company was a shambles and its authority figures received a lot of flak.
QNet had opened doors of opportunities and livelihood options in a time of rising prices and recession. People who had faced lay-offs in their jobs and people who were afraid they would be laid off had got relief in the form of this MLM company. But all that was soon forgotten when rumours about the company’s malpractices started circulating in the media and over the internet. Entirely based on networking and multi-level marketing, the company was faced with allegations that it conned people. Such a simple and easy work process was converted into something sly and scheming by a few people who could not bear to see the success of the company.

Fortunately for QNet, investigations into the matter proved that the accusations against the company were false and nothing but attempts by rivals to spoil the company’s good reputation. The questnet scam was proven to be nothing but a sham, and the company restored its good name amongst its peers and consumers.
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