My “No Caffeine” Experiment

My “no Caffeine” Experiment

My Path to a Healthier Me!

It’s been two weeks since I’ve had any caffeine. Yes, this means no soda and no coffee, which is considerably difficult for an individual such as myself who has been drinking on average 1-2 cups of Joe a day for 2+ years. Every now and then, I would have a soda at lunch. Why am I giving up caffeine you ask? Well, it was a series of factors that included but was not limited to lack of sleep, skincare concerns, anxiety and finally the biggest issue, my overall health. For one, I noticed that caffeine was making me tired in the middle of the day, and I would get a headache if I didn’t drink any coffee that morning. In fact, I was mostly concerned that my body was possibly dependent or addicted to caffeine. So I decided to give it up for a week and then re-access if I should go longer.

The first week was hard since I was so accustomed to waking up and having my comforting cup of coffee. Instead, I replaced it with water, and while not as appealing to my taste buds and senses, it worked. After week one was completed, I barely noticed that I was missing out on my coffee. Fortunately, I was growing accustomed to my new routine of drinking water throughout the day. As a result, I just decided to give it up altogether since it was helping me drink my 8+ glasses of water a day.

So now you’re probably wondering if I noticed anything different in my health, skin, etc. Well, here are my 2-week results.

Energy: As I stated earlier, the first week was tough, but I powered through it knowing that the results would be worth it. Usually, I resorted to caffeine in the middle of the day if I needed that “extra push”. However, it’s nice to know that I can do it naturally now, and being hydrated has helped tremendously.

Sleep: I have the best sleep now! I am much more relaxed, and it doesn’t take me a long time to fall asleep.

Skin: It's probably too soon to tell because there are no obvious differences yet :(

Other: I've saved so much money just drinking water!

I’m looking forward to continuing my caffeine replaced with water routine as well as some other healthy practices such as taking my multi-vitamin daily and eating more veggies and fruit!

TAAZ Friends, do you have any other helpful tips for me?


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Awesome, I did the same and replaced my mid day coffee with fruit/veg smoothie :) This comment has been removed.
@tisoleil87 Thank you friend!!! I like lemon iced water. I will have to try that more often :) I love watermelon!! This comment has been removed.
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