McDonalds Joins the 2012 London Olympics

McDonalds Joins the 2012 London Olympics

Welcome to McDonalds in the UK!

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Will a McDonalds hamburger-eating contest be added to this year’s summer Olympics? Not quite. They are, however, upgrading or should I say supersizing their employees’ uniforms in honor of this special event. The global restaurant chain has hired British fashion designer Wayne Hemingway to modernize their current uniforms using Mad Men as the inspiration. The result is an updated cosmopolitan look with a color palette of mustard, khaki and gray. Yes, mustard as in a jewel-toned yellow shade, which was perfect for adding a pop of color. Hemingway used this color to accessorize belts, scarves and hats in the new uniforms. Not to mention, the men’s managerial attire also received a metropolitan update with skinny ties and plaid collared shirts.

TAAZ Friends, what do you think about the new look for McD’s employees?
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