How To Deal With False Eyelashes

How to Deal With False Eyelashes

How to Apply False Eyelashes

The fake eyelashes widen the eyes and makes the eyes beautiful. Many of us, don't have this long lashes, we wish to have, but we got false eyelashes to make our eyes stand out. When it comes to false eyelashes we have serval options, some are black natural and almost every color.There is also glitter eyelashes, feather eyelashes and combines of both.Some are huge, some are small, others are long, medium and short. It depends on the occasion, If it its for a wedding, for a costume, for a theatre, for a carnival show, for ballet dance, or you just wanna have some fun. They are individual eyelashes, cluster eyelashes, and single eyelashes, Each one have their advantages and disadvantage. The single lashes are the most natural looking eyelashes, but they are difficult to apply, and it takes to much time to have them done. But if you want something quick, go for the single eyelashes, if they are too long you can trim them by cutting them at an angle, until you are okay with the results, Just hold the fake eyelashes against your own to make them fit properly. Make sure your eyelid and lashes are clean of any makeup ,Then curl your real lashes with a curler.The next thing you have to do is dip a toothpick into the adhesive and spread it into the fake lash line on the side that will cover your natural lashes.Follow the curve of your own lash line when you push the fake lashes. Do not push them onto your eyelid, but into the very base of your own eyelashes. Grab a cuticle pusher or use the back end of your tweezers to gently press the lashes into your skin. Apply constant force for about 20-30 seconds to the inner and outer corners. Wait a few seconds for the glue to get tacky so that it adheres readily, do not touch your eye area or eyelashes until the glue is dry... Stare straight ahead into your mirror, with your brows raised so the glue can get dry quickly. After two or three minutes, the lash glue should have dried. Adjust the fake lashes with the blunt end of your tweezers so that they mix with your naturals. Look straight ahead into your mirror and apply mascara to simultaneously coat your real top lashes and the fakes. Don't snag the falsies with your mascara wand. Do one eye at a time. Use your thumb and index finger to smush your real and fake lashes together while the mascara is still wet.. Use your prefer liquid eyeliner to line over your new fake lash line and slightly above.To remove the lashes, grip the outer edge firmly and gently pull away. you can re-use them!
If using the single eyelashes (those are my personal favorite), then you can’t use the same glue that you use for the strip lashes! You have to buy special glue for the individual lashes because they dry almost instantly. If you had to wait 20 seconds for the glue to get tacky and then hold it for another 20 seconds.

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