How does obesity affect you?


How Does Obesity Affect You? :

Obesity is a lifestyle disorder that plagues millions of people all across the world. An active lifestyle coupled with a balanced diet can be followed to overcome obesity. Genetic factors play a role in a person becoming obese, but its onset is governed majorly by poor dietary habits and lack of physical exercise. Hence, most medical professionals recommend that each one should lead a physically active lifestyle, and also follow a proper diet that provides all essential nutrients to the body. To avoid the onset of the disorder, you need to follow a well chalked out exercise routine. It is important that you devote 45 minutes to an hour for rigorous exercise at least four times a week. Due to busy work schedules, many of us find it difficult to make time when it comes to working out. This in turn has a direct effect on our mental and physical health. Hence, time management is a must when it comes to your exercise regime.
Also, many people are under the impression that skipping meals can help them lose weight. This is not only misleading but also very harmful for your health. When we skip meals, our body’s sugar levels drastically go down making us hungrier, which eventually leads to binge eating. It is of paramount importance to follow the right diet when you exercise. Right meals should be taken before and after the exercise. This will ensure your body gets enough energy for the physical activity, and does not drain out when you have finished the exercise.
Your body also requires a right intake of water that will keep it well hydrated. To avoid overeating, most nutritionists and medical professionals suggest that one should divide the calorie intake throughout the course of the day. This will give your body ample time to convert these calories. Instead of taking three big meals in a day, one can divide it in five or six portions. You can eat a little every two to three hours. This way, your body receives the right nutrients and does not have to starve for long periods. Many people may not be aware that lack of proper sleep is also a factor to the onset of obesity. Obesity is not just related to food and physical exercise but many other factors like lack of sleep and mounting stress. Lack of sleep, feeling stressed and distressed can make a person overeat, which eventually causes uncontrolled weight gain.
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