Have You seen the Avon Catalog Lately?

Have You Seen the Avon Catalog Lately?
Take a Look! at the latest Avon Catalog here:

Catch up on the latest Avon products and sales. Shopping the Avon Catalog online is easy, convenient and you can do it anytime. Shopping Avon Online is the modern, easier way to shop.

Things You Should Know about the Avon Catalog

Have you seen the AVON Catalog lately? If not then you’re in for a big surprise. Avon is famous for their popular brochure and for 125 years dedicated customers have anticipated the great products and sales that can be found there.

Now some may call it the Avon Brochure and some may refer to it as the Avon Catalog but whatever you decide to call it make sure you get your hands on it! Avon has everything you need to make yourself feel and look great. From bath & body products, fragrance, makeup, jewelry, award winning skin care, everyday household items, as well as cute & inspirational holiday gifts, the Avon Catalog has something for everyone.

There are two ways to get a hold of an Avon Catalog:

1) From an Avon Representative
Getting a brochure from an Avon Representative is the traditional way and many customers enjoy having the book on hand to browse at their leisure or to share with friends over coffee. Shopping Avon the traditional way requires you to contact your Avon Representative to place your order and will take about 2 weeks for them to deliver it to you personally, free of charge.

2) View the eBrochure at the Avon website.

Checking out the Avon Catalog or “eBrochure” online at the Avon website is the easiest and fastest way to shop Avon Products and Sales. And when you find something you like you can purchase it right there through your Avon Representative’s website. Avon charges $3 for shipping on orders under $30, and Free Shipping for orders over $30. It takes about 7 business days to receive your order and it will be shipped via USPS, FedEx or UPS. Avon offers free shipping at times, so if you don’t want to pay for shipping ask your Avon Representative if they have any Free Shipping Codes available before you order online.

The Avon Catalog comes out 26 times a year which is about every 2 weeks

Each Avon Catalog is associated with a “Campaign” and there are 26 Avon Campaigns in a year. Each Avon Catalog has a campaign number assigned to it and is effective for a 2 week period. So if you have the Campaign 7 brochure all sales and prices would be effective for 2 weeks until the next “Campaign” (brochure) is released.

Every Avon Catalog has something different to offer

There may be a huge makeup sale going on in one brochure and a huge skin care sale in another. So the arrival of the new Avon Catalog is always anticipated by Avon fans. Very often you may find an Avon product on sale for $10 in one campaign but $30 in another. If this happens to you and you feel you missed a great Avon Sale, don’t fret! You can always go back two campaigns and order from that brochure if you find the prices are better. For example: if the Campaign 8 Avon Catalog has an Avon Fragrance for $30 but you remember seeing the same fragrance in the Campaign 6 or 7 brochure for $10, let your Avon Rep know that you would like to order from the Campaign 6 or 7 brochure so you can take advantage of the sale price. You can also do this with the Avon Outlet, Looks for Less and other miscellaneous Avon flyers as well. Ordering from the past 2 brochures is also available online at the Avon website but you will have to use their “Shop by Product Number” feature to do so.

So are you ready to shop Avon? Go ahead take a look at the latest Avon Catalog and don’t be surprised if you get hooked!

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