hannah montannah>miley cyrus> FAME + new…

Hannah Montannah>miley Cyrus> FAME + New Miley = We Cant Stop

Old Miley>new Miley

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RYT so I was lukin at sum music videos nd I came across WE CANT STOP by Miley Cyrus nd basically I was shocked I mean yh she cnt be Hannah montannah forever buhh we all grow up however we dnt change dat much. she was a inspiration for lil kids yh nd ppl still lyk her nd giv her so much yet she gives us nowt. I cannot recognise her anymre I really cnt believe it. de pics r in order frum when she was lil till now nd I jush wanna knw chur guys opinions also we cnt stop da vid will be added if not I will add a link on the body. pls giv chur thoughts nd opinions bout dis also dnt forget to comment, love nd follow thx.

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@lipglossmagicgirl yh lol This comment has been removed.
omg i so understand cuz when i watch 'we can't stop' i was horrified , especially cuz i used to adore hannah montana when i was youger, i went through a miley phase. she has totally changed. This comment has been removed.
keep replaying 1:59 This comment has been removed.
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