Get into shape quickly by just replacing that spoon…


Get Into Shape Quickly by Just Replacing That Spoon of Sugar! :

Today we live in a world where the actors get paid a million bucks to look like a million bucks, whether they can act in the film or no is now a secondary thought. Every place you walk in for an interview, see the whole package rather than the obsolete way of just going through the college degrees. With this shift, people have become more and more conscious of the way they look and present themselves. Having a perfect body is no longer restricted to actors. Everyone is now part of the bandwagon to shed those extra kilos and look fabulous.

<U>Why people put on weight </U>

Many times, even when people are trying hard to lose weight, it sometimes becomes impossible to escape some extra calories. As a result, this paves way for a greater struggle to shed those additional couple of kilos in order to attain your dream weight. This constant battle discourages people, who after a certain amount of efforts give u and start resenting themselves.

We meet these additional calories everywhere, be it that cup of coffee you decide to share with a colleague, a piece of birthday cake you just couldn’t say no to, a glass of iced tea on a hot Sunday afternoon and the list goes on and on.

<U>How many calories does one person need in a day? </U>

Many people do not realize the amount of calories that they put on by sugar alone. On an average, 60 percent out of 100 lead a sedentary lifestyle. Without physical activity, one needs to take care of the amount of calories they intake, as they have no way of getting rid of them. Average women from 19 to 30 year old women require 2000 calories in a day to function on an optimal level. As the age increases, the amount of calories required decreases. Average men require 2200 to 3000 calories daily depending upon their age and lifestyle.

Sugar is the highest source of all calories that one puts on in a day. 1 gram of sugar has 4 calories. Therefore, if a person has 15 grams of sugar in one serving of maybe tea or coffee, that is 60 calories consumed from sugar alone, not calculating the ones from the other ingredients. A regular soda has around 8 teaspoons of sugar, which comes up to 130 calories right there.

On an average, women can consume around 6 teaspoons of sugar on a daily basis, whereas for men it comes to 9 teaspoons. Therefore, the next time you are making pancakes or having your cereal, keep in mind the above numbers.

<U>Ways to cut down sugar</U>

There are many ways in which one can cut down on their sugar intake and influence the overall weight loss regime of the body. One can always replace sugar with honey, as honey does not contain as many calories as sugar does and is a healthy option. Moreover, many companies are coming up with sugar substitutes, some if which work well while others do not. Hexagon (add the line mentioned in the Obesigo article) has come up with one such product that works amazingly well, <a href=>Kaltame</a>. It is a zero calorie sugar substitute made by keeping the current lifestyle requirements in mind. Now there is a sweetener to replace that spoonful of sugar with and you do not have to worry about even a single calorie! Talk about Sucralose, its advantages and its superiority over Aspartame. That’s important!
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