GeriaGold – An evergreen substitute.


GeriaGold – An Evergreen Substitute. : Geriatric Medicine Widely Differs From Gerontology.

Health is an important factor when it comes to having a complete and well-structured lifestyle. A balance must be maintained between the mental capacities and the physical quotient, in order to have a healthy life even after the age of 50. With growing age, the body becomes more prone to lifestyle diseases and ailments. And after a certain age, the body becomes weak and fragile. Bones are the pillars of strength that build the foundation of a robust skeleton structure. Calcification decreases on the surface making bones become brittle and prone to fractures. The need of the hour is to fortify the bones while the body is young, rather than suffering the consequences later on. Calcium is vital for the bones; hence consumption of dairy products is one way to strengthen bones. At the same time, after 50, the body becomes frail to an extent, and strenuous activities should not be undertaken as far as possible.

Lifestyle choices also affect the body’s anatomy and functioning, hence it has become of utmost priority to place health first. This change in lifestyle must be done at an early stage of life, for the betterment of the body, to enjoy its benefits in the future. Age is a factor that cannot be reversed, but the quality of living can be, if proper steps are taken for it. A balanced diet accompanied by daily workout sessions can initiate this process. Care must be taken, that a regime is created as per personal body specifications. Haphazard training can cause more harm than good. At the age of 50, women experience menopause that leads to reduction in oestrogen levels. This elevates mood swings, thus for such individuals it is vital to consume supplements without letting negativity seep in.

Natural supplements are cultivated in organic farms using specialised farming techniques. Away from pollution, contamination and adulteration, the ingredients of these supplements are grown in an unadulterated atmosphere. Scientists filter these supplements once production is done, to eliminate slight chances of redundancy. Nutritionists advise the use of these supplements as they are pure, and their properties can do wonders for the body. The myth associated with these supplements being a medication to cure diseases is false. In fact, they are preventive measures to eliminate the occurrence of diseases, giving importance to the saying, “Prevention is better than cure.”
Hexagon Nutrition Pvt Ltd, a company that is an expert into food supplements and clinical nutrition, has come up with a product that can reverse the effects of old age, and maintain a healthy bone structure. This product is called GeriaGold. It has the nutrients and constituents that can fight the discrepancies of old age and is formulated with dietary wheat fibre and fructose. Incorporating the goodness of soya, whey and milk protein, it provides such rich nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Some of the key ingredients of this product are Glycyrrhiza Glabra known as ‘Mulethi’ in hindi, destroys toxic substances in our body due to its anti oxidant properties. As this ingredient is a mild anti inflammatory agent, it helps in reducing swelling. Another key ingredient is Withania Somnifera, known as ‘Ginseng’ or ‘Ashwagandha’, this ingredient is a solution to back aches and weak eye sight. It replaces the deteriorating factors with eminent features that can battle bodily ailments. These natural supplements can bring about a global change if people start consuming them as prescribed dosages.
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