Flashback Friday: Beauty and Fashion Products of…

Flashback Friday: Beauty and Fashion Products of the Past
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I like keeping up-to-date with the latest in fashion and beauty, but I also like to remember trends of times past. Even as a little girl, I loved dresses more than jeans and was devoted to my jelly shoes! If you want to take a trip down memory lane with me, I'm going to share a few of my old time favorites.

Vanilla Fields Perfume

- I still love warm vanilla scents and while everyone around me was wearing CK One, I was devoted to this girly fragrance.

Rave Hairspray

- I had the big bangs and mixed with the awful perm I got in the fourth grade, you can imagine what my already thick, long hair looked like with added height. Plus, it was during the time of ratted front bangs, which you definitely needed a strong hold hairspray for. I didn't have the aerosol though, I had the pump and I used it to make my hair unable to budge and to make it big(ger).

- Doc Martens

I had hand me down Doc Marten shoes from my neighbor who was two years older than me. I wore those shoes with everything! They were a dark charcoal color and had a buckle, not your typical DM boot. I mixed grunge with glam and wore them with skirts. I felt like a trendsetter, but really I was following the trend of the times.

I loved tiered skirts and layered shirts. I stored my makeup in a Caboodle and one of my best friend's had a whole bookbag to hold hers! I went through a phase of dyeing my hair every six months or so and my first week of college, I bought a pair of black pants because that paired with a brightly colored top was the "it" outfit when going out.

It's fun to remember fashion and beauty times past. What are some of your favorite memories?

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