Fitness knows no bar, not even age!


Fitness Knows No Bar, Not Even Age! :

Degenerative diseases, cognitive issues like amnesia, lack of mobility and many heart related problems are all often associated with age. But is that really the truth? Somewhere yes, but age isn’t entirely responsible. In order to stay healthy, the first thing to discard is the attitude; you can’t just assume that diseases are inevitable post 50. Can you stop watering your plant just because it is not young anymore? The answer is no, similarly, you can’t stop taking care of your health and body just because you cross a certain milestone in your age.

It is true that the risk of attracting a lot of health problems is on a rise post 50. But, it is also true that with a little care, correct diet and exercise, the attraction can be nipped in the bud. Men and women alike become victims of a number of health related problems, like diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, lack of mobility and a host of degenerative diseases that come with aging. Women, post 50 have a whole lot of other problems to deal with in the wake of menopause, like heat flashes, mood swings, depression, weight gain etc.

<U>Ways to stay fit post 50</U>

• Time to indulge is not now; the key is to take care of your diet. Having a well-balanced meal with the best way to stay healthy.

• Having all the correct nutrients is all the more important now, as the body isn’t equipped to deal with the inadequacies without side effects anymore. Therefore, if need be, it is advisable to consult a doctor and make sure to take correct supplements to atone for all the vital nutrients.

• Exercise is just as important as anything else when it comes to a healthy life. Staying active and mobile helps the body to believe it is capable of staying fit.

• A brisk walk of 30 minutes each day will also do wonders to your goal of staying healthy and fit post 50.

<U>Some ingredients required in your diet </U>

Fibre is very important be it any age. As your body goes through changes, it becomes important to provide it with dietary fibre, as it helps digestion and bowel movements. This keeps your body on par with the various appetite and taste changes that it goes through. Proteins have always been necessary for the day-to-day wear and tear of the body. As with growing age, the appetite changes and there is the risk of missing out on the required proteins. Whey, Soy and milk protein supplements have innumerable health benefits, especially with late middle-aged individuals. Whey has very less fat as compared to meat protein and gives way to a healthy heart, eliminating risk of heart diseases. Soy reduces the bad cholesterol and helps control the levels. Many of these ingredients are often missed out and hence taking supplements is advisable.
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After all, post 50 is just a new era, why not live it with style and a fit and healthy body?
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