First Love Beauty Box

First Love Beauty Box

Customizing Perfection

What if you could enjoy a wider and different range of products than the usual beauty box? Discover products from Korea, Japan, Australia, France and more? More products? A box that's different from everyone's?

If it didn't always come boxed? And the exact product that you asked for is in there?

Wouldn't you love it?

Everywhere, beauty boxes are the same. In the US, there isn't much allowable customization. In Asia, you could select from a list of items available at a beauty box website and call that customization.

First Love Beauty Box offers beauty box lovers more than what's available, with options of total surprise, flexible customization or wish fulfillment.

With tonnes of wonderful stuff out there, it's helpful to know what each person likes since it's impossible to guess!

For instance, if you love Korean and Japanese skincare products that are not available in the retail stores or expensive to buy, you could get full size ones from First Love Beauty Box at one low price!

And it's not just skincare products. It can be as narrow a range as you want or as wide, depending on what you like.

You could pay per box or subscribe. More fun surprises will also be added into your box the longer you stay.

How's that for customization?

Here it is:

9466 Black Mountain Rd, Suite 250, San Diego, CA 92126