Fine dining at South Mumbai

Fine Dining at South Mumbai

South Mumbai Is a Different Mumbai in Its Own Rightful Way in Comparison to the Suburbs.

South Mumbai is a different Mumbai in its own rightful way in comparison to the suburbs. It brims with zany-street finds, culture and color, yester-year architecture, important landmarks and the best of food and nightlife to mention the least. Restaurants in South Mumbai have a unique aura about itself. Right from High class Indian food in stylish restaurants with superb views over the Back Bay to restaurants serving heavy snacks to good British breakfast of ham, sausage, eggs and bacon to intercontinental dishes laid out at various joints across restaurants in South Mumbai is a thing one should not attempt to miss out on at any cost!

Very popular with locals and expats for lunch and brunch on all days, so there can be quite a wait for the same. People who usually frequent Bandra or Lower Parel first for multi-cuisine experience for their taste buds are now beginning to cast an eye at restaurants in South Mumbai with money-glazed eyes!
Even though there are only a handful of European restaurants, but Italian and Chinese restaurants are pacing up at a good pace around restaurants in south mumbai, there is still enough of a market which could easily sustain more fine-dining restaurants here. In the past, there weren’t too many dining options for residents of South Mumbai, but now with so many new restaurants opening up, we see a lot of people staying back to dine here. And to avoid the long queues and over-crowding one can opt for restaurant bookings beforehand.

So what you would expect to find in a restaurant in South Mumbai is a question that one may ask, and the answer is that it really depends on what you’re looking for. You are bound to find so much variety all crammed right besides each other. Each restaurant has its own uniqueness. For example, in a typical Thai restaurant in South Mumbai you can expect to find dramatic lighting, soothing music and small tables that make you feel that you’re just not in India anymore.

The menu itself will leave you confused as you may want to order everything that they have to offer. The same goes for any other themed restaurant in South Mumbai. Restaurant bookings online is an amazing method which customers could benefit from with the ever increasing popularity of the new trend of discovering new dining places at South Mumbai through the internet.

You may have heard of movies suited for a certain age group but what you will find interesting about the restaurants in South Mumbai is that you can even find restaurants for different age groups. From Football club themed restaurants for them hearty sports fans to classical themed restaurants for the family, you will find them all. Lack of options is one phrase that cannot be used when you’re whiling about on the streets of south Mumbai to soothe those hunger pangs.

While most of the good restaurants in mumbai have elegance to them, they do often leave you with an ambivalent feeling, the reason being is that you might sometimes find yourself waiting for ages for you to be served, but in all retrospect, the wait in most cases or should I say most restaurants is worth it.
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