Finally a way to counter Obesity


Finally a Way to Counter Obesity : The Problems That Come Alongside With Obesity Can Shock Anyone.

Picture this situation, a mundane day with a dry routine involving office work from 9 to 5, finishing work and going home. Next day it’s a repetition of the same vicious cycle all over again. The gaping hole in this routine is the lack of physical activity, which can take a toll on an individual’s health if not given the required attention. The situation can worsen if unhealthy food is added to this routine. A consequence of such a routine is Obesity, which can be compared to a dormant volcano. The problems that come alongside with Obesity can shock anyone.
Obesity is the foundation for many health problems like Gout, congestive heart failure, Osteoarthritis, psychological problems etc…Obesity is a problem which should be nipped in the bud in its initial stages. For instance, children should be encouraged to indulge in a great deal of physical activity rather than becoming couch potatoes. Adults, who are unable to accommodate exercising in their schedule, should use small opportunities. They can take stairs instead of the lift or walk to short distances rather than using a mode of transportation.
Westernization has made its effect felt on our culture and one of the influences is Aerobics. It is a common sight to see many people do Aerobics in gymnasiums. Many schools also encourage aerobics. It is great that from a young age, physical activity is promoted so that children don’t suffer in the later stages. Indian culture is galore with the advantages of Yoga and many people have realized its benefits and have started practicing Yoga. This is helping them to keep a check on the unwanted bulge.
Exercising should be coupled with a good diet to see effective results. Many people forget this key idea and overdo the exercise or the diet. This has adverse outcomes on their health. The result of dieting can be seen if it’s a balanced diet. Human body is such that it needs various nutrients from different food groups. It should not be deprived of that. Complex carbohydrates such as Beans, whole grains etc…should be a part of the diet. Dark leafy vegetables loaded with minerals and calcium products are a must.
Ideally these steps have to be followed but many people don’t get the time to even indulge in basic recreational activities. Keeping the concern of such people in check, Hexagon Nutrition Pvt. Ltd., a company which is an expert into food supplements and clinical nutrition has introduced ObesiGo. It is a nutritional supplement to combat extra weight and helps in maintaining the appropriate weight. This nutritional supplement should be consumed in limited quantities. It comprises of significant ingredients like DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) and Whey Protein. DHA is an aid in memory, learning and also helps in the prevention of Macular Degeneration. Whey Protein influences an individual’s metabolism rate which affects the process of weight loss in a favorable manner. It also improves muscle fitness and immunity. It further builds HDL Cholesterol, these functions contributing in an essential way in healthy weight loss.
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