Essential facts about bone care


Essential Facts About Bone Care : Humans Are Very Ignorant About Their Health.

Humans are very ignorant about their health. Without understanding consequences, they either have any food item or undergo various procedures on themselves. For the present moment, they may feel happy but they fail to realize the dire repercussions of such treatments. Procedures like Liposuction have caught the fancy of today’s youth but any form of artificiality is not good for the smooth functioning of the human body. The quality of our standard of living has undergone a vast change, our lifestyle being more luxurious. Plethora of food is available to us but we need to make our selection carefully because not every food item will boost the quality of our bones.
Internet as a medium has created awareness about various issues, health being one of them. Through interesting articles and cartoons, people are educated about various issues. There was a popular cartoon on the internet wherein a man is complaining to a mechanic about a sound that his car produces. The mechanic says it’s his knee and not the car. Such a situation can indeed be a nightmarish situation and to avoid this, it is mandatory that we follow a good diet coupled with a disciplined exercise regime.
Pointers before exercising
Bone ailments are innumerable and in great variety so different types of exercises have been recommended. Certain points are in handy before any exercise regime begins:
• It is crucial to do some stretches before beginning any form of exercise.
• Exercising is essential for the well being of your bones but any type of exercise that causes pain should be avoided
• It is helpful if exercising is done in the presence of a trainer who can understand the limitations associated with ailments like Osteoarthritis and other such problems.
Importance of certain exercise routines
Osteoarthritis is accompanied by a great deal of pain and stiffness. It is important to know the benefits of certain exercise routines:
• Stretching exercises ensure an increase in the length of tendons and muscles. The benefit here is that flexibility and mobility is improved to a great extent.
• Isometric strengthening exercises ensure that muscle stamina is improved.
• Isotonic strengthening exercises ensure that the cartilage which is present in the joint is benefited.
In terms of diet, fiber plays a key role. A balanced diet is essential but it should be rich in fiber which is found in food substances like fruits, whole grains etc…water at regular intervals is a must. Vitamin C, E, Zinc. Copper etc…are supplements with antioxidant properties; they reduce the cytokine quantity in our blood. Low fat cheese, Brown rice, Whole grain cereals, Tofu etc…should be a part of our diet.
Nutritional supplements also play a role in maintaining bone health. Hexagon Nutrition, a company which is an expert into clinical nutrition and health supplements, has launched OsteoPro, an aid in preserving bone health. It is made of considerable ingredients like Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Glucosamine is present in the body but when consumed as a nutritional supplement, it aids in the process of repairing a cartilage by boosting the supply of Glucosamine manufactured by the body. Chondroitin sulphate plays a significant role in joint repair.

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