Don’t ignore your health as you grow older


Don’t Ignore Your Health as You Grow Older :

Getting old is inevitable, but is losing fitness inevitable too? The answer is no. You cannot be lax about your health just because of the growing age. Just like an old car needs more servicing than a new one, similarly, you need to take extra care of your body as compared to previous years. Yes, few changes are inexorable, like dimmed vision, loosening skin, etc. But old age or even late middle age is not a good enough excuse to make your body a dumping ground for a host of diseases. In is a well known fact that you need to be extra careful of yourself as you age in order to lead a long healthy life.

<u>How to be healthy post 50? </u>

If you took great care of your diet a few years ago, then now is the time to pay even more attention to it. As a person’s age increases, the body goes through many changes like change in appetite, change in taste, lowered metabolism rate, less flexible bones and joints, diabetes, blood cholesterol level and many more things. It is crucial that one understand that the effects of many of these changes can be dealt with and diminished by dedicated efforts to stay healthy.

Having a proper balanced diet is the cornerstone of good health. Including all the nutrients and some extra ones is essential in the later years of life, as the body needs sufficient nutrients to cope with the various changes going on. For example, a woman post menopause needs added calcium and milk proteins to maintain good amount of bone strength. Similarly, there are a number of things that one should remember to include in their meal to make up for the loss due to bodily changes. Along with this, a brisk walk of 15 minutes to half an hour will help you stay active and enhance your mobility.

<u>How to expiate for all the vital nutrients?</u>

As a meal cannot possibly make up for all the required nutrients, especially when it comes to vegans, many companies have come up with supplements. Hexagon Nutrition Pvt. Ltd. is a company that is an expert in clinical nutrition and food supplements. They have introduced a perfect solution that helps atone for the missing nutrients known as <a href=>Geria Gold</a>. This product contains dietary wheat fibre. This helps in proper digestion of food and also aids the bowel movement. As a result, the body is not thrown off balance with the appetite changes. It also has whey, soy and milk protein. These protein sources provide the body with the essential amino acids, which are required for day to day working of the body. As the age increases, people stop consuming meat and seafood, which are rich sources of proteins. Thus, these ingredients help to provide the body with sufficient proteins to function optimally. The product does not contain sucrose and is therefore perfect for people in the late middle age as many of them suffer from high blood sugar levels. Available in delicious flavours, this product is the answer to all the nutritional needs post 50.

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