Classiness : A Dead Art.

I've noticed that girls tend to waver towards the orange-hideous, blonde-hair, over-highlighted look nowadays, completed, of course, with the trademark cakey MAC foundation (what else?) and piled-on black winged liner.

I'm not a fan of the iced-birthday cake look, and honestly, if I wanted Oompa Loompa I'd rent Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

It saddens me (no, it doesn't, it's mostly entertaining) that these girls are so delusioned by magazines and the society that caters to females that their picture of perfection is of this.

Girls that fit this description are under the impression that by piling on the makeup and covering every inch of au naturale that any longer remains on their nature-given body, they are beautiful. How laughable!

I don't think they realize that everybody with half of their mental sanity intact only views all of these women as try-hards and wannabes..

Dumb ---s, to put it eloquently.

I don't respect them (and before you chide me for being shallow, be honest - wouldn't YOU judge someone by first appearances? I mean, impressions last a lifetime - whether good or bad) in the least..

All I see is a once-visible human now encased in this mask of deception and trickery, and I feel melancholy and reminiscent for a society that views cleanliness and tidiness as beautiful.

Classiness, revive yourself, for there is no hope for these women without your presence.

Avec dégoût,
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