Benefits of curbing the consumption of sugar


Benefits of Curbing the Consumption of Sugar :

Good and bad health is the outcome of the way one treats and nurtures the body. If care is taken to maintain overall good fitness and health, then lifestyle diseases cannot harm the body. Consumption of a balanced diet accompanied with adequate exercise, can make an individual live a fuller life. Sugar intake needs to be monitored as overconsumption can lead to a surge in the insulin level causing diabetes.

Diabetes is a hereditary disorder passed along generations, but it can be controlled if adequate measures are taken. In this disorder, the blood thickens and its fluidity reduces making it tough to reach all the organs to provide nourishment. Along with this, self-clotting and coagulation property also reduces, causing a decline in its healing properties. The reasons for lifestyle diseases are the unhealthy defence mechanisms and foodstuffs that form a major portion of our survival tactics.

Being healthy requires a balance between physical strength and mental stature. When the mind works in unison with the organs, then the body functions in a desired manner. A little discrepancy in either can cause dreadful ailments. One must realise that overall good health is the sign of growth and development of the body. Calories are necessary but a stipulated amount only, if the amount overpowers the normal consumption then chances of diabetes increases. Weight and calorie intake must be monitored on daily basis to make sure that they do not supersede their average amount.

Life is hectic and stress keeps mounting – emotionally as well as physiologically. Tension causes palpitations and hyperventilation, which can lead to difficulty in breathing and respiration. Hence, care must be taken to decrease stress by indulging in activities that you enjoy doing. Aromatherapy, music therapy, sporty activities and even a weekend picnic can help in reducing stress and tension.
Natural supplements are made available to equalize the stress, tension, weight and sugar intake. Multivitamins of this sort are prepared in laboratories and tested to ensure their authenticity. People find it tough to resort to synthetic preparations of this sort; hence they claim that these supplements have artificial preservations. This is just conjecture as the validity of these supplements is tested by renowned scientists of that field. Nutritionists also advise patients to consume these supplements as they have properties that our daily diet does not seem to contain. The balance in food can be restored if the intake of these organic supplements increase.

Hexagon Nutrition Pvt Ltd, a company that is an expert in food supplements and clinical nutrition has come up with a product called <a href=>KalTame</a> that can maintain the sugar level in the body as well as keep the calories away. Equipped with an ingredient called Sucralose, this sweetener is 600 times sweeter than sugar itself. Compared to other compounds like Aspertame and Saccharine which are carcinogenic and are approximately 200 times sweeter than sugar, Sucralose does not have carcinogenic qualities. The best feature is that the product has zero calories making this an apt addition to the diet of a weight watcher. With such wonderful supplements available in the market, people must take an initiative to enrich their life by consuming them on a daily basis.

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