Art for Art's sake part 1

Art for Art's Sake Part 1

Simple Ways to Embellish Your Art !

Art for Art's sake part 1
quilted patent leather
00 beautiful nicole
01 peridot
 sistine chapel
01  Picmonkey metal effect
How to embellish your art. You know what? It's really not that hard. Picmonkey and Fotoflexr are the two applications I like the best. Yes, Picmonkey now charges for toolswhich were once free. From a business point of view - I get it - and surely paying customers have to be thanked in some way. It is though extremely difficult for people who are not prepared to pay, for any reason. Even Picnik was kinder to all in that regard.

I really ike to use spectacular layouts, often diamonds and other gems. Vintage lace is also something I really like - and I think it is also cool to find a pic (maybe like the Nicole Kidman pic I have in this layout) and crop it down to the desired choice.

You can have a great deal of fun, sometimes not so much, because the application of these effects can be a long, hard, slog. But the final product is thanks enough.

How does one apply the effects ? - simple - use the "your own" option on the 'textures' window of Picmonkey. One vital piece of advice I can give you is you should never use your effect as your focus pic - because when you do then want to add your model to the effect - you may well find, your model will be out of proportion.

And finally, if you can't find your own effect or simply are feeling a little uninspired, go with 'Picmonkey's' (free) metal effect - you can have a lot of fun with it - if you play with lighting, layering and angle(s) - as I have in my sample pic - attached to this article.

Please feel free to use my effect backgrounds (but please not my makeovers, as I have worked very hard on them). Thanks, Veronica loves You ... x

Stay tuned for Art for Art's sake, part 2

Details on layouts and pics attached to this article.

#1, #2, #3: a black background with the map of the world in diamonds ! Glorious yes? I have had so much fun using the effect, it is one of my favourites - as you can see clearly on the bridal pic and that of Catherine Heigle (who I think is spectacular).

#4, #5, #6: quilted patent leather pic - this one is really kind of grungey (and I love it that way, 'cause I'm right in to grunge, and also punk rock) the makeovers (images) featuring the patent leather effect are Kate Moss (Queen of Grunge) and Helena Christsen from Peter Lindbergh's epic 1992 Wild at Heart shoot - which featured: Helena, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Tatjana Patitz, Naomi Campbell, Karen Mulder, Linda Evangelista - and one time Mrs Axl Rose - Stephanie Seymour - (November Rain video)...

@7, #8 : Beautiful pic of Nicole Kidman from Moulin Rouge promotion, Sarah Bolger / Mary Tudor makeover - I have used the entire pic of Nicole in some of my art, but if you are looking for a smack of glamourous, sumptuous red, then you should probably crop Nicoles' pic - and your effect will then be perfect to use as a lipstick effect).

#9, #10, #11, #12 : Other favourites of mine: peridot gemstone background, ornate vintage lace, section of the Sistine Chaple and finally: Picmonkey's metal effect - which I've played around with.

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@smallfry349 Thani you so very much. Actually I am establishing a Myspace webpage for Julia (Tisoleil87) and myself. We're showacasing our art on there. Julia is an absolutely Goddess here on TAAZ - her makeovers speak for themselves (check her art out in Browse (popular) makeovers -Julia is pretty much always at #1 spot in TAAZ voting. Again, I thank you for your lovely comment (V x) This comment has been removed.
Simply Amazing Art Embellishment!.....It's amazing what can be done with digital images these days & you surely seem to have it mastered. You are a true artist & I look forward to hopefully seeing some of your makeover transformations?.... This comment has been removed.
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