Acceptance of the "Third Gender"

Acceptance of the &Quot;third Gender"

Feeling Free to Be Who You Are!

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This may not be a trend so much as it is a confessional & some words of Thanks to the Taaz community. As a person who believes in inner Beauty as much as outer Beauty, I want to say how refreshing & nice it is to find a place like this to learn the tips & secrets to hair, makeup & all things feminine that a (Fe)male such as myself cannot find anywhere else. I truly appreciate the advice & encouragement I've received from the Taaz community without any judgement against my lifestyle or choice of clothing. To me that is a "Trend" the whole world should share!!.........So again, I hope it is OK to publish these words on this particular page & again I say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Taaz Community!.......By the way, (Without sounding like I'm bragging) I think my makeover pictures are a true testament to the miracles of makeup & the makeup transformation tools that are offered on this site......You guys are Great!
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