A wonder in old-age medicine


A Wonder in Old-Age Medicine : Geriatric Medicine Is a Specialization in the Wider Medicinal Field.

Geriatric medicine is a specialization in the wider medicinal field, as focusing on health care for the elderly. It attempts to promote good health in the elderly by preventing and treating diseases and disabilities in older adults. Taking the help of a geriatrician is something that depends on the individual patient. As such, there is no specific age when a person is said to need geriatric care.
Once old age sets in, the quality of life and health generally start suffering. Dependence on other people increases, which is something that the elderly are wary of. Some diseases usually seen in the elderly are – dementia, delirium and increased instances of falling and injuring oneself. There are many sub-specialties in geriatrics, concerned with their own fields. There is cardiogeriatrics (concerned with cardiac diseases of the elderly), geriatric dentistry (concerned with the dental health), geriatric dermatology (skin diseases), geriatric neurology (neurological disorders) and many others.
Human health is such, that if you do not take care of it throughout your life, you will repent it in your old age. The only thing you really own is your health and nothing else. The better your health, the better are your chances of living a wholesome life even at 70. If one has lived the life of a couch potato all his good years, then old age will be difficult for him. On the other hand, if one has been up and about, and has had a healthy diet and indulged in regular exercise, then old age is nothing to be afraid of.
The trick is to indulge yourself in healthy food full of vitamins, minerals, calcium and other nutrients so that the body can function smoothly. Every organ has to get the requisite nutrition in order for it to work without any bumps in the road. But only a good diet is not enough; a good diet needs to be balanced out with a good exercise regime that will keep your bones strong and flexible. Even a 30 minutes workout session every day will work wonders for your health. But if you cannot spare 30 minutes everyday, a 45 minutes exercise session 4 days a week should suffice as well.
Old age heralds health issues like osteoporosis, arthritis etc. With the lethargic lifestyle nowadays, even the younger shows signs of these ailments. What is needed here is a combination of Vitamin D and calcium. Exposure to the early morning sun and intake of dairy products and green vegetables will go a long way in keeping your bones strong.
Scientists and nutritionists have been exploring ways to prevent and cure lifestyle diseases. Hexagon Nutrition Pvt. Ltd, a company which is an expert into food supplements and clinical nutrition has come up with a product called GeriaGold. Enriched with whey, soya, milk protein, dietary wheat fibre, vitamins, minerals and zinc, this product is an all-natural way to reduce mortality and improve nourishment in geriatric patients. It helps provide the require calcium to the bones to strengthen the overall bone structure.

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