10 Fashion and Beauty Items Every Woman Should Have

10 Fashion and Beauty Items Every Woman Should Have
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I was reading an article in July's Allure in which designer Diane von Furstenberg listed the top ten things every woman should own. On the list is: a favorite pair of jeans, hiking boots, and of course, her iconic wrap dress - among other items. First of all, it made me really miss the era of the wrap dresses; I had so many! And secondly, I decided to take a cue from Ms. von Fursenberg and create a list of my own.

1. Everyday boots. I used to have this knee high pair of riding boots that I wore with everything and when the zipper broke on them I was devastated, until I found their replacement motorcycle boots counterparts. When it's boot season, I wear them nearly every day. They are functional and fashionable and go with nearly everything.

2. A great lipstick. It doesn't have to be a lipstick in the season's trendiest color. It has to be a true blue, go to lipstick that you can wear to work, for a night out or for Sunday brunch. My color is a deep shade of wine plus a tad of cocoa color; sounds yummy, doesn't it?

3. A versatile dress. I have a print dress that I got from Target a few years back that I have worn to at least three job interviews (and got all three jobs!), but have styled it in different ways. I also like to wear it for a casual weekend doing errands or paired with thick heels for drinks after work. It used to be the LBD that was a necessity, but really it's all about what's versatile for you.

4. Oil of Olay moisturizer. Enough said.

5. A watch. I used to wear a watch all the time right after college and then that watch broke and I went years without one. A few months ago, I bought a rose-gold watch with a bigger face, similar to a men's style, that I wear all the time. It's a staple and also helps when you're wondering what time it is when traveling by plane.

6. Chandelier earrings. They make me feel girly and fancy and pretty. And, that's a great feeling for a woman.

7. Concealer. I rarely wear foundation, but I ALWAYS wear concealer. For someone who gets up before 6am daily, it's a necessity.

8. A plain, black tee. There are so many ways to style a black t-shirt. Make sure it's a great fit from a brand that's not known for their clothes fading quickly. Add a statement necklace or a strands of pearls for a dressier look. Top it with a blazer or cardigan for a more professional look. Or, just wear a black tee and bright jeans and embrace the color blocking trend.

9. A scarf. I have about 10 scarves because I love the instant style they add. They work in a pinch to dress something up (like the black tee) or can be used as an accessory when you don't feel like wearing a necklace. Have several in different fabrics and colors.

10. A smile. Corny, I know. But you don't know how many gorgeous women I see who come across so unattractive simply because they don't know how to smile!

The ultimate #1 item is really the Chanel handbag, but for reality purposes, this is my list of 10 - what's on yours?

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