Zoya Diva Collection Fall 2012

Zoya Diva Collection Fall 2012

Check Out One of the New Fall 2012 Nail Polish Collections From Zoya

  • First_Look_Zoya_Nail_Polish_fall_Elisa
  • First_Look_Zoya_Nail_Polish_fall_Suri
  • First_Look_Zoya_Nail_Polish_fall_Song
  • First_Look_Zoya_Nail_Polish_fall_Ray
  • First_Look_Zoya_Nail_Polish_fall_FeoFei
  • First_Look_Zoya_Nail_Polish_fall_Daul
Meet the new glamorous nail color collection from Zoya. The high-fashion, metallic nail polish shades take their cue from the hottest runway trends from the Fall 2012 season.

This set of six shades is just one of three new fall collections. As always, the quality of wear with all of these is outstanding. Check out the whole collection:

Elisa is a bright metallic-red shade that is sultry and beyond captivating. The color glows, and only two coats are necessary to bring this shade to life.

Suri is a rich jewel-toned purple, with a smooth, metallic finish. The perfect combination of bright and deep, this royal purple shines with delicate red and blue shimmer.

Song is a shade that is flattering on almost any skin tone. This vibrant blue has a sultry metallic finish.

Ray is the perfect combination of forest and emerald green. This deep and rich hue has a metallic finish with silver and frost shimmer.

FeiFei has a magical look to it. With iridescent pigments, this blue hue somewhat resembles steel—but with a very feminine and glamorous look. The gold, blue, and pink metallic sparkles will make this shade your new favorite. This one is a bit sheerer than the others, but with three coats it is absolutely gorgeous.

Daul is a metallic pink-violet with gold shimmer. This fabulous shade comes to life with only two coats.

For more information check out the Zoya Nail Polish blog. This collection will be available mid-July. Which shade are you dying to have?

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