Zoya Designer Cream Collection Fall 2012

Zoya Designer Cream Collection Fall 2012

See One of the New Fall 2012 Nail Polish Collections From Zoya

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  • First_Look_Zoya_Nail_Polish_fall_Toni
  • First_Look_Zoya_Nail_Polish_fall_Monica
  • First_Look_Zoya_Nail_Polish_fall_Natty
  • First_Look_Zoya_Nail_Polish_fall_Evvie
  • First_Look_Zoya_Nail_Polish_fall_Noot
Taking inspiration from the runways, designers, and all things fashion, Zoya is at it again with three new collections for Fall 2012. The NYFW 2012 Color Collections contain all of the shades you need for the cooler months ahead. Each collection has its own unique look, so there really is something for everyone. Prepare to be dazzled by bold, vibrant colors as we take a closer look at the new Designer Cream Collection.

Rekha is one of three shades originally developed for NYFW 2012, when Zoya color experts worked one on one with talented designers to create custom colors for their shows. This blood-red hue is the brainchild of Bibhu Mohapatra, who had the models in his show rock the shade on one hand only, as a tribute to his Indian Mother. Classic and chic, this is a color that could easily become your signature shade of red.

Toni is a dark maroon shade with an edge. The purple undertones give the color elegance, while the red base offers a chic, sensual vibe, making this polish the perfect day-to-night hue.

Monica is a dark, mulberry-purple shade. This polish adds the perfect pop of color to any ensemble, and is suitable for both the office and a night out with the girls.

Natty is a smoked, navy-blue polish that exudes confidence and style. This is a shade for the trendy set, and for those who want their nails to make a statement.

Evvie is another NYFW 2012 polish, first created for Peter Som. The custom shade is described as an evergreen green, and we’re assuming that’s where the name came from. This is a great option for fall, as it provides a stark—and chic!—contrast to the reddish-gold foliage of the season.

Noot is a charcoal hue with green and gray tones. If you’re looking for something dark and mysterious, look no further. This polish is the equivalent of a steely gaze for your nails!

Check out the Zoya Nail Polish blog for more info. Which new Zoya shade do you want to try first?

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I always love the dark purple shades for fall...will have to check it out! September rolls around and I feel like my nails need to be dark and "fall" like! LOL! This comment has been removed.
OH wait, I like the cream collection better. Love Zoya. This comment has been removed.
So pretty! Evvie is my fave! This comment has been removed.
The blood-red is HOT HOT HOT!!! I can totally see myself wearing this one in the fall :D This comment has been removed.
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