Nail News: Sparkles from a Songstress and Sassy…

Nail News: Sparkles From a Songstress and Sassy Stickers

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Mariah Carey is set to be a judge on American Idol and has kept a much lower profile than her earlier years where she was cranking out hit CDs and #1 singles. However, the diva is the latest celebrity to be associated with a nail polish collection. OPI debuts the Mariah Carey nail polish line this month and for those who are familiar with her style won't be surprised at the amount of girly colors and abundance of glitter.

If you aren't into the extra glitter, then the line isn't going to be for you. But the polishes have been described as going on sparkly but drying matte. Three shades I'm looking to try are great colors to wear through winter, but can also be taken into other seasons.

The warm, bronze shade named Sprung is a glamorous color that can coordinate with almost anything in your wardrobe. The deep purple is one color I do not have in my nail polish collection and need; the eggplant hue is bold, but is a change from the more popular dark blues and blacks. Finally, the red and black swirled color with a hint of extra sparkle is a mix of everything that I'm typically drawn to in a nail polish. There are of course pinks in the collection, (it's Mariah Carey!) but as for my taste, the three mentioned are my choices from the collection.

If that's not enough, another big name in the nail polish game, Essie, has unveiled a line of fabulous nail stickers that take nail art up a notch. Their nail stickers represent funk, fun and femininity. Favorites? The silver scaly design, the gunmetal gray with rhinestones and the awesome print with words. Actually, forget it - I want them all!

Will you be trying the Mariah Carey OPI line or the Essie nail stickers? I'm going to be getting both!

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