Nail imprinting kit for creating perfect…


Nail Imprinting Kit for Creating Perfect Professional Nail Designs : Nail Imprinting Kit

Every girls love to paint her nails and the stylish nail paints make our nails more beautiful and sexy. Here i am talking about nail imprinting kit which is put different style nail paints. This kit helps us to show our creativity on our nails.

So this kit from konad is quite pretty good. Konad Stamping Nail Art Stone Set is used to Nail imprinting kit for creating perfect professional nail designs. The set helps create designs by stamping pre-designed images on your nails in a fraction of minutes. A neat, easy and quick method to draw subtle images on your nails, just like a professional nail artiste. Give your nails the salons treat.

How to Use:

*Apply base coat to nails first. Apply Konad Special Nail Polish to the desired image and scrape off excess polish with the help of Scraper.

*Press the stamper onto the painted image to pick up the design. Stamp it onto your nail. For lasting wear apply top coat in one stroke.

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