Nail growing

Nail Growing

The Best Way to Grow Them!

I have been biting and nibbling my nails every day in all my seventeen years of life. Never have I ever even had white tips springing from my finger tips. Recently, I decided to start growing them.

I started trying to grow them at the beginning of July. It was hard to resist biting them all the time, but I eventually got through it with the help of a disgusting nail varnish that made my nails taste extremely bitter. However, when wearing the nail-varnish I couldn't even eat because the taste of my nails went on to my food. As a result of this I decided to stop using the varnish, and instead try self-control.

I went to the South of France on holiday for a week (Which made a nice change to the usual rainy England). Once there my nails grew at an amazingly fast rate. The sand from the beach even cleaned up the skin around my finger nails and got rid of the jaggedy skin that stuck up under my cuticles. I was too busy to even think about biting my nails for the whole holiday. On the plane ride back I managed to bite off all the nails I grew because I couldn't resist.

When I got back to England, I started trying to grow them out again. I started using the nail varnish as well as a nail-strengthening varnish that apparently would 'show visible results within one week!" It is week 3 now and they have grown to the length that they grew within 5 days in South of France!

So, if you live in a place where the temperature is above 23 degrees and want to grow your nails, I would suggest getting some sun and soaking your hands in the beach sand! If, like me, you unfortunately live in England, products have proven not to work. Use cuticle removers and try obtaining self control.

And that is how to grow your nails!

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I feel ya. I used to bite my nails, but then I found out how many germs that I was consuming. That stopped my habit right then. This comment has been removed.
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