Nail color reveal hidden diseases


Nail Color Reveal Hidden Diseases :

Did you notice that your nails have a bluish tint, green or yellow? These colors can hide a medical problem! Find the dermatologist Andrei Cristea what significance can hide behind simple colors!
A. Nails with white tint
Discolouration of the nail can lead to all those low albumin (appears on kidney or liver disease) or be a side effect of sulfonamides, a family of antibiotics. Partial bleaching, strips parallel transverse white nail width, appears as courses of chemotherapy, in cirrhosis, the heavy metal poisoning or post traumatic. Some white spots only appear on one or two nails are the result tics involving nail biting or trauma and need about 8 weeks away, time to fully nail growth. White spots on most or all nails, persistent months or years may have multiple causes, the most common being zinc deficiency.
Two. Nails with black spots
The appearance of black spots under the nail may have several meanings:
Post-traumatic stress disorder: trauma can cause bleeding nail root initially has plum, but becomes brown or black after 1-2 days
Nev subunghial: a spot under the nail blackish existing long and does not change the appearance is most likely a mole (a mole) harmless
Malignant melanoma: although rare, is a possibility to be considered. Especially if you have dark spots form bands parallel to the length of the nail, are emerging are present at a single nail and cuticle extend the
Post-medication: dark bands parallel to the width of the nail can be the result of repeated courses of chemotherapy.

Three. Nails with red spots
Subunghiale red spots are small bleeding vessels (capillaries). If the free edge of the nail appear to suggest a cause post-traumatic psoriasis or atopic dermatitis. They are located near the nail root indicates a severe anemia or heart disease.
Four. Nails with blue-violet tint
Nail discoloration acquisition of purple hues occur during treatment with certain medicines may also cause darkening of the skin: hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil used in lupus erythematosus), minocycline (an antibiotic used in acne occasionally), drugs based on gold or silver . Nails may appear dark and vitamin B12 deficiency.
Five. Green nails
Green nail syndrome describes nail infection with a bacterium called Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Occurs in people who need to stay very long with hands in water (by type of job) and areas where finger nails are removed. If you are infected, the nails are green in color.
6. Yellow nails
Yellow nail syndrome means that all 20 nails grow with difficulty, are bold and are often deformed. Unfortunately, the nails are the slightest problem with this syndrome, which also includes lung problems and massive swelling in the legs. Yellow color present in the one or two nails if a smoker is most likely caused by nicotine staining, especially if it's fingers that hold the cigarette.
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