Nail Care in Winter

Nail Care in Winter

Nail Care

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Along with your hands, your nails also get dry during winter season. We tell you ways to keep them strong and healthy even during dry and cold season:-
While your hands are taken care by hand creams and lotions, your nails tend to get left out. Though there are gloves and mittens for you to slip on, your claws need more care than that. Winter brings along with it unbearable chill and dryness. Like your skin and hair, your nails get affected too. They begin to break, look dull, lose shine and most importantly lose moisture. Other than reducing the usage of nail polish remover and eating calcium rich food items, there are more ways to keep your nails healthy when it’s absolutely cold. There are few beauty brands that have nail strengtheners but we are still not sure about their claims. Find out how to protect your nails and bring back that lustre even if it’s snowing or hailstones are pelting non-stop. No, we are not telling you to abandon your matte nail paints and stock up high shine ones. Follow these simple nail care tips then apply shade of your choice on those pretty nails.

Beauty Treatment

Manicure is the first thing that women think of for shielding their nails from this cold weather. Now that there are various types of manicures one can indulge in, you can go in for that once in every fifteen days in winter. After all, dry and cold weather is the time to soak hands in warm water filled with rose petals. Other than that, manicure also focuses on your nails as it involves more than just applying a nice shade of nail paint in the end of the beauty treatment. When you have nail paints on, you can use cream on your cuticles and massage gently as creams can be slathered on nails too other than your skin. Cuticle oil also works well on dry hands and nails.

Wear Gloves

The woollen ones are undoubtedly your hands’ best friend during winter especially when you are exposed to cold and windy weather but when you are indoors cleaning your dishes your need to wear gloves too. Wear rubber gloves while washing dishes especially during winter when the water is extremely cold. Other than making your hands go number, the dry weather will weaken your nails too. If you choose to wash dishes with hot water then also it will take away moisture from your hands which will easily lead to nail breakage.

Home Care

Like there is banana for skin and hair, there is lemon for nails! Yes, this citrus fruit kills dandruff but also helps to keep your claws happy. It also makes your nails stain free which is why after your meal at your favourite restaurant the waiter places finger bowl (consists of lukewarm water and lemon wedges) in front of you. You can do the same at home. Soak your finger tips in a bowl of lukewarm water and gently rub the lemon wedges on your nails. Follow it up with a moisturizer.

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