How to Create Different Nail Looks to Last You the…

How to Create Different Nail Looks to Last You the Whole Week

3 Nail Polish Colors, 5 Unique Ideas

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I am always inspired when I see people’s nail art creativity. I strive for that level of nail polish commitment, but the truth is as soon as I put on a new color, I want to change it the next day to something different. Fortunately, with so many new shades and classic colors, I’m never at a loss for options. It’s just the decisions that tend to be tough.

You can have a different nail look five days of the week by really using only three colors. If you like to bounce between nail trends, then these five nail ideas might interest you.

Paint nails red. I think red is a great color to start the week because it makes a statement. If you keep nails short and squared, this gives a bold statement, but doesn't stray too far from the professional path. If you’re not a fan of red, choose your own favorite bright color. My favorite red shades are the classic red and also the deep, darker almost burgundy hues.

Give yourself a new twist on a French manicure. Since you already have a good base color with your red from Monday’s nail polish, just add a stripe of sparkle to the top of each nail. Swipe a gold, sparkly polish to the nail tips to create a slight variation of the look you started the week with.

Cover the whole nail in the gold sparkle. After a day of just a strip of glitter, smooth a light coat or two over the entire nail for a mid-week look. If you don’t want to use gold, just use the clear nail polish that contains the glitter in it or your own favorite sparkly shade.

Add in some black. Paint a black, vertical stripe down the center of the nail to create a nail design. If you don’t want to do stripes, add black tiny dots (like a ladybug) or paint only half the nail the new color (color blocking) while leaving the other half the red sparkly shade from the previous couple of days.

Do a different hue. Paint the entire nail black and let dry and then add in red or gold or both to create your own design for Friday. Keep the design uniform for each nail or decorate each nail differently just using the three nail polish colors. Also, if you let the black slightly dry and add a coat of red, you can create an entirely different shade.

I always consider nails as an additional accessory to an outfit and it’s fun to experiment with different colors. Fortunately, you can find fantastic deals when buying multiple polishes (e.l.f. just had a great deal posted to their site recently - 8 shades FREE with a purchase of $20!) and that way you can get more use out of all your colors without blowing your budget.

Would you try any of these nail looks? What colors would you use? What designs would you create?

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