Hot Nail Trend 2012: Magnetic Polish!

Hot Nail Trend 2012: Magnetic Polish!

Crackle Polish Is SO Last Year! The Newest in Nail Trends Is Simply Magnetic!!

LCN Green Temptaion Magnetic Polish
  • LCN Green Temptaion Magnetic Polish
  • Nails Inc Magnetic Polish
  • LCN Magnetic Nail Polish set
  • China Glaze Magnetix Magnet
  • China Glaze Magnetix
  • Nails Inc Magnetic Polish
  • Magnetix Collection
Crackle Polish is old news! The next big thing seen on nails everywhere is magnetic polish. It is a nail polish that creates three dimensional, textured effect when when activated by a magnet and it is popping up everywhere! The science behind it is the tiny iron particles in the polish that react when exposed to a magnet (which is supplied in the lid of the polish). Think back to elementary school when you held magnets a magnet with a positive charge and another with a negative and they stuck together? Well, the same principle is in effect here. When you hold the magnet over the wet nail polish (it must be wet in order to work), the metal particles rise up towards the magnet. Since the particles are darker than the polish color it creates a "textured" effect. Also, the magnet has a wave pattern in it (as in only part of the magnet is actually "magnetized") that creates a cool wavy pattern on your nails.

Directions For Use:

1) Apply a coat of polish to all nails and allow to dry.

2) Apply a second coat to each nail then IMMEDIATE hold the magnet (located in the cap of the magnetic polish) over top of the wet polish for about 10-15 seconds. It would probably be easiest to do this one nail at a time to ensure that each nail is wet enough). The hardest part is holding the magnet close enough to the nail without knicking it and smudging your polish. It may take a few tries to get it right the first time.

3)Allow your cool new design to dry then topcoat it to protect your design. Voila!! Sexy space-age looking nails!

There are only a few brands carrying magnetic nail polish thus far but expect many other popular polish brands to jump on the magnetic bandwagon in the next year. The magnetic polish can be a bit pricey compared to normal polish, running at about 15$ a bottle, and there isn't as many color choices, however I am sure that will change as all the other brands come out with their own version. I think the 15$ is reasonable considering the wicked effect it gives your nails, plus they even include the magnet!! Some magnetic brands available now include:

-Nails Inc Magnetic Polish available in “Houses of Parliament”, a purple, and “Trafalgar Square”, a silver chrome.

-Layla Magneffect Magnetic Nail Polish, Available Shades Include: 01 Gun Metal, 02 Changing Lilac, 03 Blue Grey Flow, 04 Turquoise Wave, 05 Purple Galaxy, 06 Golden Nugget, 07 Metallic Sky, 08 Velvet Groove, 09 Golden Bronze, 10 Brown Sugar, 11 Silver Galaxy, 12 Black Metal. This polish features a stripe down the lid to indicate the direction of the magnetic field which makes it easy to get a consistent design.

-LCN Magnetic Power Nail Polish in shades -1 iron magic, -2 amazing mauve, -3 fuchsia attraction, -4 copper seduction, -5 ferromagnetic blue, -6 green temptation, -7 magnetic moments, -8 nude charm) and two magnets to create different looks (-1 diagonal, -2 star. You can get a starter kit of eight shades plus two different magnet patterns for 109$ from the LCN USA website.

-China Glaze Magnetix Nail Polish in shades: Attraction (Dark Grey w/ Silver Shimmer), Cling On (Olive-y Green), Drawn To You (Purple), Instant Chemistry (Deep Burgundy Purple), Pull Me Close (Blue-toned Grey Base), You Move Me (Soft Brown),. The China Glaze Magnetix collection features a U-shaped magnet with three magnet designs that is sold separately from the polish. It has a diagonal stripe pattern, a chevron pattern and a star pattern.

Lancome had released their own version a while back called "Le Magnetique" however I have heard it has been discontinued and is extremely hard to get your hands on. If you do find it online expect to pay upwards of 30 a bottle. I am not sure what the shades are, sorry!

Bottom Line: I think this is a super neat trend and I will definitely be picking up a few bottles myself. It is clear that the pattern of the magnet determines the design, so i would be curious to see what a normal magnet or different types of magnets would do. Let me know if this is something you guys think you would buy. If you do try it out be sure to share some pictures on Taaz so we can see!! I have come to one final conclusion: BEAUTY + SCIENCE= AWESOME!

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