Caring for Your Nails

Caring for Your Nails

The 101 on Gorgeous, Healthy Nails

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Caring for our nails is a relatively low-maintenance, easy thing to do. However, it also tends to be one that is easily overlooked and oftentimes neglected. More times than not, I confess that I’m guilty of this…but I’ve recently realized that the upkeep for healthy and presentable nails need not be time-consuming nor high-maintenance. Keep reading for some tips on how you can keep your nails looking comely and neat!

Keep a filer handy for those pesky instances when nails begin to chip. If you’re like me and can’t stop yourself from picking at your nail when the first sign of a chip appears at the edge, a filer will be your lifesaver. Picking at chipped nails will not only make your nails shorter, it will also make it brittle and weak.

For long nails, be extra careful after stepping out of a long hot shower. You might have noticed that nails tend to be softer and bendable after prolonged exposure to hot water. Especially if you already have little chips at the edges of the nails, bending them will cause the chip to split even further.

Another good tip to keep in mind is to coat the edges of your nails when applying a strengthener or nail polish. This will really help fortify your nail and make with stronger from chips and breakages. And if you’re wearing a dark nail polish color, don’t forget to wear a base coat! This will really help any dark color nail polishes from staining your nail bad and turning it yellow.

What are some nail care tips that you use? Please share!

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