6 tips for perfect nails


6 Tips for Perfect Nails :

You have a perfect manicure every day, even without going to the salon.

It is important to care for your nails properly and have always reflect one thing: your nail health is more important than any new manicure.

Here are some tips and rules for your nails:

Help from within
Food supplements specifically designed for skin, hair and nails are very useful, provided that you consult your doctor before starting treatment.

natural treatment
A natural remedy for moisture is soaking hands in warm olive oil for ten minutes.

Protection for hands and nails
Do not spend too much with your hands in water. Use gloves when washing dishes or cleaning you do cleaning. So protect your hands and nails of water, especially cleaning products.

Solvent quality
Choose a solvent quality, which also contain nutrients to the nails, such as vegetable oils, glycerin and vitamin E.

Avoid false nails!
They can be extremely dangerous to your natural nails, especially if applied properly.

constant care
Use every evening a 3 in 1 product, care of hands, nails and cuticles.
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