5 Unconventional Ways To Use Nail Polish

5 Unconventional Ways to Use Nail Polish

Nail Polish

Nail polish
1. Use it to paint the sole of your high-heels as an easy (and cheap!) way to update them for spring. Avoid getting paint on other parts of your shoe by placing masking tape along the edge where the shoe meets the sole, allow it to dry before applying a second coat. If another layer isn't needed, pull off the tape to reveal a neat polish job.

2. Cover up a scratch on scuffed shoes or boots. But don't rely on a bottle-to-shoe comparison, since the color can look different when it's applied. Put the hue on your nail first and give it a minute to dry to make sure it’s a close-enough match to your shoes.

3. Personalize your favorite bag. Enlist the help of stencils and tape to make your initials look perfect.

4. Change the look of a necklace, ring, or earrings by covering faux jewels with a pop of color, like neon green, orange, or pink. Simply lay the accessory flat on a paper towel and begin to paint.

5. Prevent new, fake jewelry from tarnishing. When air hits the metal, it oxidizes it and changes its color. Since clear lacquer locks out the air, it helps keep your costume jewelry looking new. Note: This will not work on already-tarnished accessories.

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