5 habits that destroy nails when you make your…


5 Habits That Destroy Nails When You Make Your Manicure :

Many women prefer to do manicure at home than go to the salon. It is a comfortable and cheaper choice, but if you do not know, you can cost your nail health.

Here are some habits that you put the nails in danger and not have to give:

A. Use appropriate tools

According to experts, most women use the wrong utensils for manicure. And the most painful of them is cell. If you choose a coarse metal file, you have every chance that your nails are damaged because of it!

Cells are numbered according to surface roughness, how much higher figure, the cell is fine. For a cell to be gentle with your nails would be wise to choose a degree of severity over 180. You can find them in stores professional beauty products.

Two. Nail glue

False nails or adhesive patterns and templates are extremely harmful for your nails. Because it may contain harmful substances that attack the top layer of your nail, it is advisable to stop using these types of adhesives.

Three. Oja poor quality

If you use poor quality polish, your nails turn yellow, become brittle, peel and break easily. Always choose the nail polish of the highest quality, which do not pose a real danger to your nails.

Four. Versus oil lotion

Your cuticles are dry, cracked and ugly looking? Not applicable to buy a special lotion for them, because the solution is right in your kitchen. Olive oil moisturizes cuticles and nails better than any other product designed for that expensive.

If you want a more intense effect, wait a few seconds with your hands in warm water, then apply the nail slightly warmed olive oil. The result will be amazing for hands and nails.

Five. Do not cut cuticles!

A practice that seems to disappear gradually and beauty salons should be removed and your practice of nail beauty.

Cutting cuticles of your nails is not too good that can infect fingernails and over time can be distorted by the habit. A variation is intense moisturizing cuticles, which are then pushed slightly to the nail.
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