4 Shades of Nail Polish You Should Have

4 Shades of Nail Polish You Should Have
Every season nail polish brands come out with new collections showing the hottest colors and the best trends. This summer is all about neons and exotic colors: orange, coral, hot pink, etc. I’ve really embraced this summer's trends, but there are four shades of nail polish that every woman should have no matter what the season. Trends come and go, but select staples are forever.

The first shade to add to your collection is a demure, elegant neutral shade. Light pinks, whites, and even pale grays are colors to have that can be worn anywhere and for any occasion. When you wear blush shades like pale pink or off-white, especially with short, squared nails, your manicure will always have a classic look. Taupe by Love & Beauty is my go-to neutral; it's a lavender gray.

In complete contrast to the girly neutral, black is also what I also consider to be a staple. Granted, black can be too harsh for certain styles, but it adds an edgy feel. If black is not a favorite of yours, dark navy is a good alternative. Russian Navy by OPI is a fantastic choice that I’ve been using for several years and always get compliments on.

Metallics are my third choice because they add a bit of sparkle without going overboard. Disco Nap by Color Club is a perfect gold, sparkly color that really makes nails look fancier. While I was hesitant at first from what seemed like a wild color, it went on beautifully and looked like the name suggested - a fun, gold disco ball. I often use gold as a substitute for my neutral colors because like with metallic jewelry, metallic nails can complement just about anything.

Lastly, choose a color that just makes you feel good. Mint Candy by Essie is typically a spring/summer shade, but it looks great with gray, white, and surprisingly, orange during any season of the year. It's a pale mint green shade that I fell in love with and it's one I turn to again and again when I want to have fun with my nails.

Of course, don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to only four nail polishes; that’d be crazy since there's so many to choose from! But when you’re searching for a new color, make sure you have at least a neutral, dark, metallic and timeless color trend in your nail polish collection.

What's your favorite nail polish color?

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I just bought Essie's "Lucky Penny" yesterday and I really like it. It's a shiny coppery color....great for summer! Just came out at Ulta yesterday! This comment has been removed.
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