12 Days of Holiday Nails

12 Days of Holiday Nails
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The 12 days of Christmas brings us things like turtledoves and drummers drumming, but with the 12 days of holiday nails, it’s a spark of creativity as we celebrate through the holiday season. Need nail ideas? I have 12 for you!

1. Candy cane nails: Paint nails a white matte color and with a nail brush paint on red stripes. Layer on a topcoat to finish for a glossy shine.

2. Christmas tree nails: Buy tree stickers to place on clear nails or paint nails a forest green and paint a gold “tinsel” in zig-zag lines.

3. Starry night nails: Use a navy blue color and add a top layer to the top half the nail with a sparkly silver finish.

4. Snowflake nails: Paint nails a light blue color and use a nail brush to paint on snowflake designs with white polish.

5. Metallic sparkle: Gold or silver sparkly nails always look festive no matter the occasion. Match whatever color is more appropropriate to the outfit you’re wearing.

6. Red and green nails: Alternate red and green nail polish colors for every other nail. Use a nail polish with a glossier finish to emulate a holiday ornament sheen.

7. Blizzard white out: Paint nails a snowy soft white and add a clear sparkly coat on top show it glitters just like when the sun hits freshly fallen snow and holds its own subtle sparkle.

8. New Year’s Eve night out: Paint your nails a bright red or any bright color of your choice to ring in the new year.

9. Mini snowball nails: Same as the snowflake nails, use the a lighter blue and add dots of white as “snowballs” for your nails.

10. Snowman stickers: Choose snowmen, reindeers and other holiday-inspired stickers to decorate your nails.

11. Go all black. Among the sea of reds, greens, and golds go for a sleek black for your holiday party or to celebrate the so-called “end of the world.”

12. Wild card: Give us a sneak peek of the designs you’re dying to try in 2013!

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#2 is so cool! I love the look of MATTE NAILS. Do you have to buy a certain nail polish for this or is there a top coat that turns any nail polish into matte?? This comment has been removed.
I like the mini snowball idea with light blue polish. Great ideas, thanks! This comment has been removed.
wow i love the first pic nails..would love to try it one day! This comment has been removed.
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