The Must Have Makeup Brushes

The Must Have Makeup Brushes

Essential Tools for Makeup Application

The Must Have Makeup Brushes
When it comes to applying a full face of makeup, technique is only half the battle. One of the most crucial elements falls under the category of tools, and more specifically- makeup brushes. Behind every flawless face are these four brushes, the ultimate in makeup application multi-taskers.

Makeup application generally begins with the face, and thus, with a versatile powder blush. Ideally made from natural fibers (or cruelty-free synthetics, if that is your preference), a medium, rounded powder brush can be used to apply everything from powdered foundation to your blush or bronzer of choice.

So, what can a medium powder brush be used for? What can’t it be used for is the better question. On the short list of applications are:

For the application of loose and pressed powdered foundations, simply dip the brush into the product and apply in circular motions.For blush, simply dip into the powdered rouge of your choice, and apply to the apples of the cheeks, delicately blending outwards.

To contour with bronzer, or highlight with illuminating powder. Simply dip one side into bronzer, and gently apply to all low points of the face. Finish by dipping the other side in a highlight powder of your choice, and applying it to all high points of the face. Tap the brush to remove all excess powder, and simply blend to perfection.

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then a great eye brush is the frame on which that window rests. From eye shadows to concealers, a medium eye shadow brush with dense, artificial fibers is the one eye brush to rule them all. Its uses include:

The application of cream bases and primers. The dense, artificial fibers ensure that the brush will apply evenly and clean easily.For sheer washes of loose shadows, this brush will pick up colors and apply flawlessly. This brush will also make blending a breeze.

For application of densely packed, pigmented powders, an artificial shader pumps up the color, too. Simply load the brush up with the eye powder/cream of your choice, and gently pat onto the lid. Colors will apply both true and bold.

As far as finishing a look is concerned, a dense, rounded, fine-tipped pencil brush can really set one look apart from the other. Instrumental in smoky eye applications, this workhorse brush can be used in a number of ways, including:

Precise shadow application, in hard-to-reach spots, such as the inner corner of the eye, or even as an all-over the lid brush for smaller eyes.For blending and contouring of the crease, a pencil brush brings both control and precision.For soft-focus eye liner application, the pencil brush can easily both apply and smudge darker shades as close to the lash line as you want them.

In a pinch, a pencil brush can fill brows in, too!

Armed with these essential makeup brushes, a full-face makeup application is a snap.


Adina Zilberman, Guest Beauty Blogger


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I think the most important one is the medium eyeshadow brush! Every girl needs one of those Sonia Kashuk makes good ones & so does MAC This comment has been removed.
@eyecandyxoxo I love Sonia Kashuk's brush sets! You can find them at Target. Also select Targets have Elf brushes, which I'm a big fan of as well! This comment has been removed.
Anyone know where can I get a good
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