The Best Makeup For Olive Skin

The Best Makeup for Olive Skin

Makeup Colors That Look Great on Olive Skin Tones

The Best Makeup For Olive Skin
Women with olive skin tend to have brown eyes and naturally dark lashes and brows, which means they can get away with wearing less makeup (and they tend to inspire envy from fair-haired women who struggle with their light features). If you have Hispanic roots, or hail from India, Italy or the Middle East, the makeup colors that look best on you are also some of the most intense. Take advantage of your natural beauty and try on the best makeup for olive skin in our virtual makeup studio.

If you were blessed with olive skin, you’ll look gorgeous with a pop of color on your cheeks and lips. Try bright, warm blushes and lipsticks in coral, apricot and brownish rose. Lips look fetching in bronze, berry shimmer or sheer blood red. On the eyes, opt for shimmery shadow in bronze or chocolate brown, tawny pink, deep green, sapphire blue or pale gold. Light, shimmery plums and golds play up deliciously deep skin and brown eyes.

Highlight dark skin with pale gold or pinky gold colors to create a radiant glow. Mix a bit of lumizing highlighter fluid with your foundation for a soft, allover glow or dust powder highlighter to key facial contours (down the bridge of the nose, under the brow bone and at the top of the cheekbones). --Stephanie Simons


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Does anyone know who this woman is? This comment has been removed.
I have olive skin, ad I tan like that, but my sister, who has pale skin, says I look like a marshmallow XD
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I'm super pale with light eyes, but my little sister has beautiful olive skin with big brown eyes. Even though we both have Italian in us, it definitely showed more in her! x) This comment has been removed.
wow! this is awesume advice and it actually works. most articals are a lie butOMG tjis is definately not. This comment has been removed.
I'm always so jealous of people with olive skin tone! They always tan so beautifully too--like this golden color (I tan easily too...but I just tan a deep brown T___T). My friend has an olive complexion tho. and gold eyeshadows look amazing on her! This comment has been removed.
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