Seven makeup mistakes you get older


Seven Makeup Mistakes You Get Older :

Some choices we make in terms of makeup can make you look more mature than you. Even though we may not have reached his 30th birthday, seemingly small choices ruin your appearance.

Too much makeup or too light in color, eye shadow shades inappropriate or misapplied correction are some of the choices you get older.

Here are seven such mistakes:

A. Foundation too light
As you age, your skin loses color and becomes pale. Therefore, the rule fit with the foundation color of your skin is not a good idea. You will get older and stronger. It is therefore advisable to choose a foundation with a tone darker than your skin.

Two. Correction in layers
Too much correction applied to the eyes can accumulate inside the wrinkles, which does nothing more than to emphasize and make you look older. Instead of a classic correction, using a fluid brush. Apply only the inner half of the eyes to cover dark areas. Soft brush helps you apply diffuse a very small amount, which illuminates your eyes, not to emphasize wrinkles.

Three. Too much lipstick
Apply lipstick from the tube directly on the lips, the classical movement that we know all seems to be the wrong tactic, once you past 30 years. Excess lipstick spreads very easily, especially because with age the lips are not as strong and well defined.
To properly apply lipstick, especially at the strong colors, use a brush that to înmoi in lipstick, apply the center of each face, then gently stretch the corners.

Four. Blush misapplied
Apply the blush of the mouth, the ears, the outer limit of the mandible, even in small amounts, increases the lack of firmness of the skin that occurs with age. One trick that makes your cheeks instantly look more lift is to apply blush on the cheeks not directly, but a little higher.

Five. Eyebrows too sharp
If you get used to define eyebrows, emphasizing exaggerated their ages you instantly, besides you look foolish. The main reason may be using a very soft pencil definition, which leaves too much substance. Choose an eyebrow pencil designed, which is stronger and lets you define without charge.

6. Acne
Cream foundation with great hiding power, contains more pigment powder, which you load the skin and makes you look older. Choose liquid ones, and if you have dry skin, use a moisturizer as a base for makeup.

July. Earthy shades of eye shadow
Color eye shadow can be sensational effect on your eyes. But if you choose correctly, you look tired and old. Light shades of brown, brown, and the red pigment which emphasizes strong enough to look pale and eyes are tired.
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