Product Review: TheBalm's What Your Type?…

Product Review: TheBalm's What Your Type? &Quot;the Body Builder" Mascara
With a name like that, how could you go wrong? This makeup line has all sorts of interesting names for their makeup products. The name of their other mascara: "Tall, Dark, and Handsome." The Body Builder mascara has been one of my favorite mascaras to date. I believe it has to do with the brush and its thick application and the fact that it builds, well, body for my lashes.

My eyelashes are very thin, straight and short when I need them to be thick, curvy and lush. This mascara definitely helps with that. The inky black color goes on thick to really give my eyes emphasis and the thick-bristled brush helps to give my eyes definition. With this mascara I have to be careful not to allow it to make my eyelashes appear spidery.

I apply one coat of mascara and then I don't dip the brush back in for more color, but use the brush to pull the color through more and separate the lashes so they don't clump together. For lashes as weak as mine, this product really helps my eyes to pop more.

An added bonus is that I often go to the gym right after work, which means that after a long day of work, I don't remove my makeup. This mascara doesn't smudge! I do kickboxing so I fully expected sweaty mascara to have run down my face - not the case. It's a lasting product that will get you through the day, and the gym.

If you buy from the website it's $19.00 per bottle plus shipping. I did see on Amazon you can get it for $15.00. If you are looking for a new mascara and have eyelashes similar to mine, I would try this out. However, if you have very fair skin tone and lashes, this color and application might be too dark for you.

What's your favorite mascara?

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This looks fun! My fave mascara right now is "They're Real" by Benefit. This comment has been removed.
I have never heard of this before-but how cute, right? I am currently trying out Godefroy's 28 day Mascara. It's a gel formula that claims to last all month. I'll let you know in February, whether the claim holds true or not. This comment has been removed.
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